Eccentric restaurant updates menus with whimsical references to traditional Chinese tastes

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October 2nd, 2015

Updated January 2018

Ho Lee Fook in Hong Kong’s popular SOHO district delivers an edgy take on traditional Chinese cuisine, and is appropriately set within an unpretentious combination of basement dining room and street-side open-kitchen. Well-travelled Taiwanese-born chef Jowett Yu last year introduced Ho Lee Fook (translates as “good fortune for your mouth”) to Hong Kong diners as a fun and innovative culinary experience – a popular concept that continues to nightly fill the basement dining room.

Chef Yu’s adventurous take on traditional Chinese cuisine encompasses an inventive approach – melding elements of his experiences cooking Korean, Japanese, and American street foods – to the nostalgic Chinese dishes of Hong Kong’s popular cha chaan teng ( tea restaurants) to create delicious food at approachable prices. Recently, Ho Lee Fook have introduced a number of additions to both the food and cocktail menus with new tastes that reference childhood favourites, and traditional Chinese ingredients.

Notable new cocktails include the Pocari Sweato, Yakult Gin Fizz, and Sichuan Spiced Sour. And among the new dishes, standouts include the Salad of Young Mustard Greens, Slightly Fires the Emperor – a take on the classic Hakka vegetable stir-fry dish, and Taiwanese-style Fried Rice.

Ho Lee Fook is open Tuesday to Sunday from 6 pm for dinner only – reservations are taken for groups of 5 or more.

Nostalgic Dishes

  • ho lee fook
    Mom's "mostly cabbage, a little bit of pork" dumplings, sacha soy dressing
  • Ho Lee fook Breakfast
    Breakfast 2.0
  • ho lee fook
    Wagyu Short Rib

Locally-themed Cocktails

  • ho lee fook
    Yakult Gin Fizz - gin, prosecco, Yakult, hibiscus, egg white, cream
  • ho lee fook
    Pocari Sweato - Campari, gin, umeshu, Pocari, mint, grapefruit, Fever Tree tonic water
  • ho lee fook
    Lunar Date - rum, pu-erh tea, red dates

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