Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016 – Singapore winner announced

bacardi legacy singapore

March 19th, 2016


The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition, one of the most important global cocktail challenges, recently held its Singapore final. Top bartenders from Singapore had competed over the previous several months in a series of challenges to create their own classic cocktail that will stand the test of time – comparable with the great rum-based classics, such as the iconic Daiquiri or Mojito.

At the final judging event held on March 9th at the rooftop Club Lounge of CE LA VI Singapore the five finalists showcased their cocktail creations to a panel of expert industry judges. Each bartender was judged on the flavour, aroma, and appearance of their cocktails, as well as the inspiration behind the cocktail, and overall presentation. Bannie Kang from Anti:dote was announced as the winner for 2016, with Satoshi of Orgo as runner-up.

Bannie Kang will now represent Singapore at the global Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition Final to be held in San Francisco in April 2016.

Winner & Runner-up with their cocktails

  • Bacardi legacy SG - Bannie
    Bacardi Legacy Singapore - winner Bannie Kang of Anti:dote + Hwa Chae cocktail
  • Bacardi legacy SG - satoshi
    Bacardi Legacy Singapore - runner-up Satoshi Iwai of Orgo Bar + La Felicidad cocktail

(images courtesy Bacardi Singapore)

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