An immersive exploration of liquors featuring 300 exotic spirits and a guided mixology tour

November 15th, 2017


With the success of The Woods – an inconspicuous progressive bar tucked in Hollywood Street – owner Victoria Chow has recently debuted an exclusive wine tasting room that might be the new wonderland of every cocktail enthusiast. The Woods Annex, hidden from plain sight, is an artisanal library of unfamiliar spirits perched inside SoHo. Wood and vine intermix in this minimalist, private-kitchen concept with a show-stopping centrepiece: a floor-to-ceiling showcase that displays each rare bottle in a well-lit shelf. The by-appointment-only tasting room gathers an exclusive number of eight, where one can choose their own flights, or indulge in suggested concoctions by the brand’s own mixologists.

There is a certain pleasure at the intimacy of the space. The small number of guests can take their time glancing at the curated selection of gin, rum, tequila and whiskey as they choose their next whiff-and-sip adventure. The bottles are interestingly tagged with their library cards like precious books; these contain a history of previous drinkers.

A further walk inside The Woods Annex leads to the Traveling Corner, a special selection of liquors currently unavailable in Hong Kong. Guests can grab the opportunity to take home sample miniature bottles (100ml), or purchase standard bottles (750ml).

Created to spark a newfound passion for unfamiliar liquor, The Woods Annex is set to pull beginners and aficionados into the discourse, filling the gap in the alcoholic beverage market through intimate, experiential tasting. Joining in the roundtable are workshops by Michter Bourbon’s Matt Magliocco, Ocho Tequila’s Jesse Estes, and Kyrö Distillery Gin’s Mika Lipiäinen. With these elevated uptakes, Victoria Chow aims to spur one’s appreciation with a tour of a heightened palette, as they explore new possibilities of uncommon flavours.

The Woods Annex is located at 64 Staunton Street, Central. By reservation only.

(Featured contributor: Caris Cruz)

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