Traditional Japanese straw-fired cooking at Tokyo restaurant – highlights seared bonito and sake

warayakiya roppongi

November 4th, 2017


A popular dining destination in a quiet stretch of the vibrant Roppongi nightlife precinct, Warayakiya is an izakaya-style restaurant that specialises in straw-roasted seafood and meats – complemented with selections of sake and beer. Less well-known than other traditional Japanese cooking styles, warayaki or straw-roasted cooking originated in the fishing villages along the coast of Kochi prefecture.  Utilising dry straw that burns at extreme temperatures of up to 900C degrees – outer layers of fresh seafood and meats are lightly seared, while the inner flesh remains tender and juicy. Soaring flames make for a dramatic cooking style – take a seat at the substantial timber counter for the best views as the chef torches the straw.

Standing on a street corner, the spacious all-timber construction references a traditional Japanese aesthetic- while sliding full-height glass doors across the facade open the restaurant interior out onto the pavement. Several private and semi-private dining spaces are good for small groups and banquets – with the main counter seating around 12 guests.

Menu highlights include the signature steaks of seared bonito – seasoned with sea salt and served with wasabi and garlic. Other specialties include straw-roasted chicken and other meats, seared mackerel and vegetables. Dishes and drinks are attractively priced compared to more fashionable Roppongi restaurants.

Warayakiya opens daily from 5 pm until late at night – with bookings recommended for peak dining hours.

Inside Warayakiya