Over 4,500 fine and rare Scotish and Japanese whiskies at the spectacular vault & tasting space

The Grande whisky collection

September 21st, 2018


 Recently opened at the prestigious ION Orchard in Singapore The Grande Whisky Collection is an extraordinary space designed to contribute to the contemporary appreciation for fine whisky. Spanning over the 3,600 sq. ft., The Grande Whisky Collection showcases an expansive collection of the finest and rarest Scotch and Japanese whiskies. Created by The Whisky Trust Group – the new retail and tasting space allows visitors to experience the sights, smells and tastes of fine whisky.

The Grande Whisky Collection has been designed to cater for everyone from those who are new to whisky, to experienced aficionados. The experience commences at the Vault – a unique storage facility housing the encyclopedic assemblage of rare whiskies. Intimate tours are hosted by knowledgeable Whisky ambassadors –  explaining both the whisky-making processes and diversity of distilleries spread across Scotland, followed by a tour of the whiskies of Japan.

Tours are conducted in small groups of up to ten people, assuring an intimate and personal experience. After exiting the Vault, visitors are guided to the Grande Hall overlooking Orchard Road, where bottles of whisky are stacked floor-to-ceiling six metres high, where tastings of a variety of carefully-curated whiskies are conducted.

The Grande Whisky Collection also includes a gift shop which offers a special selection of Scottish and Japanese whiskies for purchase, plus a variety of gifts and accessories which can be personally engraved.

The Grande Whisky Collection is located on the fifth floor of ION Orchard – and opens daily between 11.00am – 8.00pm. Tours are priced from SGD55 per person and are inclusive of a whisky tasting session. The Grande Hall is also available for private events and whisky tastings catering for up to 60 persons.

the grande whisky collection

(images credit The Grande Whisky Collection)