New cocktail bar concept inspired by the back rooms and nightclubs of 1970’s Manhattan

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April 6th, 2021


Recently relaunched cocktail and spirits bar Roxy features a concept inspired by the backroom bars and rock nightclubs of 1970’s Manhattan. Occupying a compact space hidden behind sibling restaurant Miss Fitz Kitchen + Bar at Singapore’s The Sail at Marina complex, Roxy entices guests seeking a sophisticated yet characterful hidden den for imbibing spirit-forward drinks amid a vintage decor of retro NYC nightlife memorabilia. Roxy can be accessed either via an unmarked door in the loading dock of the Sail at Marina Bay, or down a passageway pasted with old concert posters of the 1970’s classic rock, punk, and glam bands at the back of Miss Fitz Kitchen & Bar.

Guests can select drinks from a menu grounded on the spirit-forward, classic cocktails – categorized under signature cocktails, classic cocktail flights, and boilermakers (beer+shot combos). Highlights from the signature cocktails (named after iconic NYC nightclubs, 1970’s songs, and classic drinks from local neighborhoods) include the “New York Dolls Sour” – a creamy, bourbon-based whiskey sour with a refreshing hint of apple from adding Laird’s Apple Brandy; and “Jean Genie”, named after the famous David Bowie song, a take on the classic daiquiri with a pear twist and full powdered sugar glass.

Cocktail flights feature three variations of a classic cocktail – head bartender Tash Nayar guides patrons through the evolution of the cocktails using different base spirits in the process. The flight concept is exemplified by the Negroni variations – the original Italian Negroni evolves into the American Negroni – and finally to the American version of the Boulevardier. Other flight examples include variations on the Martini and Manhattan.

Bar bites also draw inspiration from iconic New York foods such as the Bagel Popcorn, Pastrami Sandwich Bites, and Hot Dog With Diced Onions & Cheese.
Roxy has recently introduced a series of weekly themed evenings – Backstage Spirits – with each week’s menu inspired by an iconic rock and roll artist or band from the 70s. The NYC vibe is channeled with a specially curated playlist of the selected artiste – alongside a limited-run menu featuring two signature cocktails and a shot or boilermaker that are themed according to the band in collaboration with top spirit brands.

Roxy Cocktails

  • Roxy Singapore
    You Don't Have to Put on That Red Light
  • Roxy singapore
    Queen's Nation
  • Roxy Singapore
    CBGB Swizzle
  • Roxy Singapore
    The Jean Genie

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