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Singapore 2014 Semi Final #1

Mid-Century Mediterranean Mastery

diageo reserve world class

December 22nd, 2013

Recently, total of 31 local bartenders participated in the first Singapore semi-final for the 2014 edition of the DIAGEO RESERVE World Class Bartender of the Year competition. The event was hosted at Singapore bar Bitters and Love, and judged by a panel of industry experts including guest judge Luca Cinalli from London’s acclaimed Nightjar, with the competition themed on Mid-Century Mediterranean Mastery. Bartenders were challenged to represent Mediterranean food and drink in their cocktails, inspired by the classic icons of the Mediterranean in the 50s and 60s such as Bridget Bardot and Jackie O.

 The three Semi-Final Placegetters

diageo reserve world class singapore

Awarded first-place, Louis Tan presented ‘The Wolf’s Peach Illusion’, created from Tanqueray No. TEN, cherry tomatoes, lychee liquor, lemon juice, basil syrup and pineapple. The cocktail was described by the judges as being ‘perfectly balanced and well composed, and the flavour of the cherry tomatoes shone through, creating a Mediterranean inspired cocktail that was clean and refreshing on the palate’. Inspired by the historical nickname given to the humble cherry tomato in the 16th Century when the Spanish considered this new fruit to be both evil and poisonous, ‘The Wolf’s Peach’ provided the perfect inspiration for Louis.


diageo reserve world class singapore

Second-place was awarded to Peter Chua of 28 Hong Kong Street, whose cocktail, ‘Calypso’s Mercy’ was created from a combination of Don Julio Blanco, dry vermouth, a homemade bell pepper and coriander syrup with fresh lime, gomme syrup, and absinthe. It was poured into a glass rimmed with seaweed salt. His inspiration to create ‘Calypso’s Mercy’ stemmed from the sensuality and passion for which the Mediterranean culture is often famed. He impressed the judges with his showmanship and confidence, and went the extra mile during the tasting, requesting that the judges enjoy his drink blindfolded to ignite their senses.


diageo reserve world class singapore

Second time participant to the World Class programme in Singapore, Mark Graham Thomas head mixologist of Bacchanalia, secured third place with his presentation of ‘Mezes’ (the Greek word for savory). Taking a different perspective on the Mediterranean theme, he opted to showcase a more savory approach, which combined a Tanqueray No. TEN infused emulsion made with two types of truffle and homemade pesto, Tanqueray No. TEN, apple liqueur and lemon juice, along with a feta and Parmesan cheese syrup. Mark was calm, cool and collected in front of the judges, preparing a menu that showcased his drink concept and ingredients. The judges enjoyed his presentation and the balance of salt, sweet and citrus notes in his cocktail was commended.


 The second Singapore Semi-Final is scheduled for February 2014


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