Tippling Club wins coveted Spirited Award at the annual Tales of the Cocktail bartending festival

Tippling Club Singapore

August 22nd, 2017


Tippling Club has already established itself as one of Singapore’s most interesting bars and restaurants with the talented duo of Ryan Clift – the chef-owner and head bartender Joe Schofield – ex-barman at The Savoy in London – working together to create innovations such as the Sensorium cocktail menu. Now their progressive approach to pairing cuisine and cocktails has been recognized internationally and won them a prestigious Spirited Award.

The Spirited Awards are perhaps the most coveted prizes in the world of professional bartending, and they are awarded annually at the five day Tales of the Cocktail festival held in New Orleans. The winners are chosen by a 140 strong panel of industry experts, and a whole week is given over to the judging process.

Tippling Club made a strong showing all round at the event, and alongside their Best International Restaurant Bar award, they were also nominated in the categories of World’s Best Cocktail Menu and International Bartender of the Year.

The award was won on the strength of the unique flavor-forward cocktail program – The Sensorium Menu – that emphasizes scent over spirit. Imaginative cocktails are categorized by smell (delivered via scent samplers) rather than names, and guests are encouraged to pick a scent which summons up positive emotions. Each one has a corresponding cocktail which is designed to match your chosen scent in taste.

As Singapore’s only representative at the Spirited Awards, Tippling Club is a must-visit for cocktail connoisseurs as the numerous awards in recent years attest to the creativity of both the culinary and bar teams, headed by chef-owner Ryan Clift since 2008.

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Featured contributor: Max Sergeant

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