Acclaimed Indian-based Punjab Grill restaurant opens in Bangkok – contemporary gourmet Indian cuisine

punjab grill bangkok

July 11th, 2016


Following its successful 2011 Southeast Asian debut within Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands assemblage of international celebrity chef restaurants, fine-dining Indian restaurant brand Punjab Grill recently introduced their acclaimed contemporary Indian cuisine to Bangkok. Elevating the rich culinary heritage of India’s Northwest regions with a progressive take on the traditional recipes of the Punjab and Kashmir provinces, Punjab Grill Bangkok delivers a truly upscale dining experience within the understated elegance of the new Bangkok restaurant. Located on the premises of the Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit hotel, a prominent street frontage, and separate entrance delineates an independent identity for the restaurant. Heading up the local kitchen team, Mumbai-born Executive Chef Bharath S. Bhat has extensive cooking experience at the helm of contemporary fine-dining Indian restaurants in Dubai and Mauritius, and most recently with Punjab Grill restaurants in India. While currently serving dinner only, weekend lunches are scheduled to commence soon.

Design  Occupying a generously proportioned space, Punjab Grill includes a prominent black marble bar that separates a lounge area from the main dining sections. Comfortably spaced tables seat only 70 guests, while a semi-private dining alcove looks directly through the full-height glass into the kitchen and the hallmark trio of copper tandoori ovens. A contemporary-luxe decor of muted tones, red brickwork, and unpolished timber floors adroitly avoids common Indian-themed decor cliches.

Cuisine & Cocktails   A series of menus offers diners an extensive selection of the Punjab Grill’s contemporary renditions of Punjabi regional cuisine. Signature dishes from Punjabi Grill feature premium quality ingredients and creative presentation, examples include the Tawa Scallops with pan-seared, spiced king scallops, served with saffron-scented tandoori cauliflower purée and topped with cauliflower fritters; and the Chicken Biryani. Diners wishing to experience the full repertoire of Chef Bharath Bhat’s cooking should select either of the Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian Tasting Menus, while additional Set Menus offer good value options.

At the bar, signature cocktails and mocktails are inflected with Indian culinary ingredients and flavours. Familiar classics such as mojitos and bloody marys are tweaked to create well-balanced and flavourful drinks that complement the cuisine.

Punjab Grill opens daily from 6 pm for dinner – well-received among Bangkok’s discerning residents and visitors, and with a limited number of seats available – table reservations are recommended.

Punjab Grill Bangkok

Punjab Grill Cuisine

  • punjab grill
    Non-vegetarian Kebab platter - Tandoori Prawns, Malai Chicken tikka, tandoori lamb chops
  • punjab grill
    Shakarkandi aur anar chaat - Sweet potato & pomegranate tangy salad, sweet and spiced yoghurt foam and chick peas vermicelli
  • Tandoori Portobello
    Tandoori Portobello - Cured olives, pickled sun-dried tomatoes, stuffed Portobello mushroom
  • Chicken Biryani
    Chicken Biryani - basmati rice and chicken, slow-cooked with green cardamom, mace, & rose water
  • Raan-Sikandari
    Raan-e-Sikandari - Baby leg of lamb braised and pot-roasted, scented with cinnamon, and flavored with cardamom

Punjab Grill Cocktails

  • punjab grill
    Meetha Patta Paan Mojito - Paan Patta, Gulkand, Mint Syrup, Lemon, Soda water
  • punjab grill
    Gulabi Mojito - Bacardi Rum, Rose Syrup, Mint, Lime and Soda water
  • punjab grill
    Niki Te Teekhi - Vodka, green chilli, basil, rock salt and lemon soda

(selected food images courtesy Punjab Grill)