New craft gins elevated with local herbs & spices to recreate familiar culinary flavours


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October 30th, 2020


After 3 years of development, Singapore’s newest craft distillery has launched with its first range of gins with six signature expressions. The distillery was born out of an idea to make great spirits using Asia’s diverse array of herbs and spices – famously expressed in the distinctive flavors of regional cuisines.

Under the direction of Head Distiller Ashwin Sekaran the signature gins have been distilled utilising the same process used to create whisky – facilitating a smooth and balanced finish for the gins. Spirits are processed in the distillery’s custom-designed 500-litre still – an old-fashioned, hand-made copper installation typical of traditional whisky stills.

Details of the signature gins –

Singa Gin: a classic London Dry Gin featuring a botanical blend of 13 herbs and spices including juniper, cloves, mandarin orange, Ceylon cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, licorice, and Sarawak pepper.

Coconut Pandan Gin:  Epitomising the flavours of Southeast Asia, the gin is distilled and vapor-infused with fresh coconut hearts, grated coconut, and pandan leaves.

Lime Garden Gin:  distilled with three varieties of Southeast Asian limes – calamansi, key lime, and kaffir lime – presenting a bright citrus-forward profile.

Singapore Sling Gin: Inspired by Singapore’s iconic Singapore Sling cocktail – the gin is distilled with the same fruit and botanical ingredients- including cherry, orange, pineapple, lime – used in the cocktail – making the Sling Gin the perfect spirit for making the namesake cocktail.

Stolen Roses Gin: firstly distilled with a blend of roses and botanicals, gin is then rested with roses to impart additional rose notes and its distinctive red color. Lightly sweetened with cane sugar – the gin takes its flavor cues from the popular South-East Asian “Bandung” sweet and floral drink.

Kyuri Gin:  A Japanese inspired gin – distilled with fresh Japanese cucumbers and sakura flowers – creating a refreshingly floral profile.

Singapore Distillery gins are available in 50 ml sampling-size bottles (S$6.90), or full-sized 750 ml bottle (S$69.90). The gins (and the newly released Merlion Vodka) can be purchased online at – or at selected bars, restaurants, and retail stores in Singapore.

Signature Gin Cocktails

  • singapore distillery
    Singa Gin & Tonic - Singa Gin & Tonic
  • Singapore Distillery
    CoCo Pandanas - Coconut Pandan Gin, Coconut Milk, sugar syrup
  • Sling Martini - Singapore Sling Gin, vermouth
  • Singapore Distillery
    Lime Garden Milk Punch - Lime Garden Gin
  • Singapore Distillery
    Stolen Roses Club - Stolen Roses Gin
  • Singapore Distillery
    Kyuri Gin Gimlet - Kyuri Gin, lime juice, syrup

(images credit Singapore Distillery)

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