Super-premium small batch gin, infused with Murcian Lemons from Spain – now in Singapore

February 26th, 2024


 BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® PREMIER CRU MURCIAN LEMON is a new super-premium expression created to celebrate the region of Murcia in Spain, home to the most vibrant and aromatic citrus in the world. The small batch gin was created to showcase the work of the suppliers and farmers of Murcia, many of whom have had a personal relationship with the brand’s recently retired Master of Botanicals, Ivano Tonnutti, and continue to work closely with his successor in this role, Alessandro Garneri. During the late season annual harvest, using techniques passed down through generations, these unique and exquisite lemons are handpicked and hand-peeled when most ripe, then dried in the Mediterranean sun, capturing only the brightest and most aromatic citrus oils.

Each small batch of gin created sees BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Master Distiller Dr Anne Brock personally select the precise cut of the distillation to ensure every bottle is a fitting tribute to the region, the supplier’s craftsmanship, and the supreme quality of that harvest.

“I am incredibly proud of the meticulous processes used to produce BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Premier Cru.” said Dr Anne Brock, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Master Distiller. “Each bottle has a date stamp at the top because it is from a single harvest of a single lemon varietal from a single region; each year there will be small variations caused by terroir, rainfall and climate. My role is to carefully adapt every small batch of gin to bring out the nuances of the late harvest during distillation, amplifying the unique characteristics and finest flavours into a consistent flavour profile every year. It’s a new approach in the gin category, and one we’re very excited about.”

Held at a higher ABV of 47%, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Premier Cru is elegant, yet bold and bright while remaining remarkably smooth and refined. The Murcian citrus flavours are rich and oily on the palate, with vigorous lemon and orange notes fading slowly to reveal a well-rounded gin that allows all the botanicals to shine. The higher alcohol levels deliver a bold array of citrus oils, presenting a finish which is complex, long, and smooth. Fresh, rounded citrus gives way to pithy peel and warm spice that lingers to the next sip.

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(L to R: Gin & Tonic; Negroni; French 75)

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Premier Cru is perfect for those looking to instantly make any occasion feel more special or elevate their cocktail-making experience at home – with a refreshing Gin & Tonic, or other classic cocktails such as the French 75 and Negroni.

In Singapore, the recently opened Edition Hotel is showcasing BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Premier Cru at their Lobby Bar – where guests can experience the premium gin as the featured house pour.

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Premier Cru Murcian Lemon can also be purchased in Singapore on Amazon and Lazada.



(images credit Bombay Sapphire)

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