Small-Distillery Gins Crafted in the Cool Climate and Pristine Environment of Island State


March 22nd, 2024


The gin boom in Tasmania was first observed in the 1990s and 2000s, after local pub owner Bill Lark obtained the first licence for small-scale distilling in Tasmania (commencing with the now world-renowned Lark Single Malt Whisky). 

Fast forward to today and the island state of Tasmania has a thriving gin industry, with over 130 Tasmanian gins. Distilleries can be found all over the island and use locally sourced  native ingredients in their innovative blends. 

In Singapore, selected Tasmanian Gins are available on pour at Atlas Bar  and CIN CIN.  


Five outstanding Tasmanian gins

Tasmanian gin

Forty Spotted Gin  

Produced by Lark Distillery Co., the pioneers in distilling spirits in Australia, Forty Spotted Gin offers an authentic taste of Tasmania. When it first launched in 2015, Forty Spotted was lost among the boom of other Tasmanian craft gins at that time. That’s why in 2020, they underwent a major rebranding, changing their bottles to a bespoke one that was specially designed and engineered to be displayed upside down. 

Forty Spotted, named after Tasmania’s rarest bird, predominantly focuses on using fresh natural ingredients, like Tasmania’s signature native pepperberry – showcasing the best natural flavours from the local area.

Experience Forty Spotted at Gin(bar), a modernist-inspired bar serving up special and hard-to-find gins and available on pour at Atlas Bar Singapore. 


Three Cuts gin Tasmania

Three Cuts Gin 

The multi-award winning Three Cuts Gin is carefully distilled from a premium grape base, pure Tasmanian water, and a unique blend of Tasmanian grown and internationally sourced botanicals. At Turner Stillhouse, Justin Turner, the founder and distiller, works with Brett Coulson, his co-distiller, to consistently create awesome, quality craft spirits. 

Three Cuts Gin was named Best International Gin at the American Distilling Institute 2021 spirits awards, and Best Contemporary Gin at the Australian Gin Awards. The Turner Stillhouse, distillery is located just 15 minutes drive from Launceston, with distillery tours and tastings available.


Tasmania craft gins

McHenry Distillery 

McHenry Distillery is Australia’s southern-most distillery and brewery, where it has a cool, moist and maritime environment, perfect conditions for maturing spirits. Bill, the owner and master distiller at McHenry Distillery, was convinced by his wife to try making gin while waiting for their whisky to mature in casks. She also loved a good G&T! 

With the abundant clear spring water that flows directly into the distillery, Bill is able to minimise impact on the environment and also allow the flavours of the botanicals in the gin to shine. McHenry produce a good range of gin, from the classic dry gin, to the fruity sloe gin and damson gin, and seasonal specials like the Christmas Gin. 

The cellar door at Port Arthur is open Monday to Sunday 11am-5pm and two modern eco-cottages can be booked for leisurely weekends.

Available on pour at Atlas Bar Singapore.


Tasmania craft gins

Lawrenny Distillery

A paddock-to-glass distillery, Lawrenny Distillery is situated on the banks of the Derwent River. In the past, the Lawrenny estate was known for farming premium cattle and sheep stocks as well as abundance of wheat, barley and hops. The Mace family took over the Lawrenny estate in 1991 and returned the property to its former glory of gardens, pastures and finest cattle. 

Many of the ingredients used to make Lawrenny gins are grown in the Lawrenny estate itself. One example – the Van Diemen’s gin, uses strawberries and almonds grown in the distillery’s orchard, and the lime flowers that blossom as the distillery transitions from the harsh winter and blooms into spring. 

In addition to tasting Lawrenny’s gin at the cellar door, visitors can also drive through the estate – past the fields that grow their ingredients.  

In Singapore the gins are available on pour at Atlas Bar Singapore and CIN CIN. And buy duty-free at iShopChangi.


7K craft gins Tasmania

7K Distillery 

Tyler Clark, the brains and hands behind 7K Distillery, built the distillery literally with his own hands. The still was hand built using sheet metal, and is still in use today. The name of the distillery, 7K Distillery, pays homage to the region, as the postcodes for Tasmania are all 7000 numbers. 7K Distillery is the closest located distillery to Hobart’s CBD, just 10 minutes drive away.

The three main gins produced are the Raspberry Gin, the Dry Chilli Gin and the Modern Tasmanian Gin. There is also a ready-to-drink raspberry gin with a lemon, lime and pepperberry soda.

Tour the distillery and sign up for a tasting to savour the best of 7k Distillery’s spirits.  


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(Images credit Tourism Tasmania)

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