Celebrated Bangkok izakaya bar introduces Japanese garden-inspired cocktail menu


May 12th, 2023


Zuma, the contemporary Japanese izakaya at The St Regis Bangkok, has a new listing of eight cocktails evoking the atmosphere of a Japanese zen garden, each of them a new creation by Davide Sambo, bar manager at Zuma, and all priced at THB 480.

Into the master mixologist’s blend go premium spirits and liqueurs with floral, herbal, and umami notes that have a distinctively Japanese theme.

The tall, earthy, herbal Sagano Highball uses Jameson Irish whiskey as its base with Lillet Blanc, soba sherry sochu, and a fragrant aroma of greenery. Matsuri Martini is floral and smooth with its Beefeater 24 gin, Sakura Mancino Vermouth, and a silky flower tea yoghurt.

For something with a sour, bitter edge, Sado Sour uses Michter’s bourbon whiskey with Mr. Black coffee liqueur, a ceremonial tea blend, and a sesame-pasted strawberry. Sea of Trees is based on Matusalem 15yo rum with woody wasabi roots, and the Kare Sansui Margarita blends limestone-washed Zuma tequila with Kazenomori Junmai sake and has a meditational floral bouquet.

The Japanese Garden cocktail menu is in addition to Zuma’s bar selection of fine spirits, wines, sake, and beers.

Zuma Bangkok bar is open daily between 11:30 am and 11:00 pm


Japanese Garden Cocktails

  • (L) Kanto Southside (R) Sea of Trees
  • (L) Miruku Plane (R) Sado Sour
  • (L) Davide Sambo (R) Matsuri Martini


(images credit Zuma Bangkok)

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