February 9th, 2011


A short walk down one of the  smaller roads running off Roppongi Crossing in Tokyo is a unique restaurant & bar specialising in the traditional art of  “warayaki”- or straw roasted cooking.

The building has been constructed in traditional timber style with an open terrace deck fronting onto the pavement.

The design feature of the interior focuses on the fire roasting cooking station behind a long “L” shaped counter bar. This is the highlight of the restaurant and provides the stage for the cooking performances of the head chef roasting the selected meats over the straw fires. There are a number of booths and small tables around the floor of the interior- catering for both small groups and individuals or couples at the bar counter.


The warayaki style of cooking originates from the Kochi prefecture- where the local fisherman still catch the bonito tuna on single poles from the sea.

The burning straw provides a dramatic fierce fire with temperatures in the range of 800 – 900C- and this results in very fast and even cooking, as the high temperatures sear the outer layers and leave the  centre of the meat or fish tender and juicy. Additionally the burning straw adds a delicate “smoked” aroma to the cooked meats and fish.


The feature dishes of the restaurant are the seared bonito tuna fillets, and also other seafood such as squid, eels and scallops. Other meats cooked over the straw fires include chicken and sirloin beef. Other dishes available include salads and rice.

The bar has a large selection of sake, shochu wines, fruit wines, plus cocktails , beer, and wines.

As the restaurant has quite limited seating capacity, reservations are recommended.

Warayaki-ya- Restaurant & bar

Tel: +81.3. 5410 5560

Address:  Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 〒 106-0032 6-8-8 1F Roppongi Godibiru

Subway access:  3 minutes walk from Roppongi Subway Station, Exit 3