Independent Awards Body to Judge Global Brands of Artisanal Spirits

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January 26th, 2024


The recently launched 1st edition of the Spirit of Craft Awards (SOCraft Awards), is Asia’s first awards body to not only honour the art of crafting artisanal spirits but also set a pioneering precedent by integrating environmental responsibility into the judging criteria. Judging will commence during the Singapore Cocktail Festival (SGCF) on May 2nd-4th 2024 – and results will be announced on May 5th, 2024. Since 2015, the SGCF has brought the best names in the global cocktail scene together in Asia and offered a platform for knowledge and talent exchange in the drinks industry.

Conceptualised by FoodNews Creative Marketing Agency, a leading F&B Marketing agency in Southeast Asia and co-founder of the Singapore Cocktail Festival, the SOCraft Awards will provide an accessible platform for global craft spirit makers to connect with Asia, where the cocktail industry is thriving and there is a growing demand for craft liquor. Ivy Woo, Managing Director of FoodNews and Co-Founder of SGCF, says “As long-standing advocates for Asia’s vibrant bar scene, we are committed to fostering inspiration within our local bars. The Spirit of Craft Awards serves as a pivotal platform, not just for discovering new spirits but also as a gateway for brands seeking to explore Asia’s burgeoning market.”

The SOCraft Awards has assembled a Judging Committee with a diverse panel of 12 thought leaders, each representing a key geographical market in Asia’s drinks and spirits industry. Together, the SOCraft Awards Judging Committee nominates a panel of judges annually, consisting of independent and acclaimed bar owners and bartenders, spirits writers, importers, and distributors from Asia.

For both regional craft distilleries and international brands, the SOCraft Awards will provide a pivotal platform facilitating invaluable connections within Asia’s bar industry, offering them an opportunity to grasp the nuances of their spirits’ resonance in the region, and establishing a sought-after recognition for their craft within Asia.

The SOCraft Awards defines craft spirits as handcrafted and produced by an independent distillery. It is open to craft spirit makers from around the world who adhere to the following criteria:
1. Craft spirit distillers must already be marketing themselves as such
2. Craft spirit distillers must be majority independently owned (at least 51% independently owned)
3. Craft spirit distillers must be producing no more than 750,000 gallons annually

The judges panel will evaluate the entries based on aroma and bouquet, mouthfeel, finish, taste, sustainability impact, and overall impression, before allocating the scores out of a maximum of 120. There are four levels of excellence in the award, with the highest tier “Platinum Award” recognising a world-class spirit scoring more than 115; “3 Stars” for an outstanding spirit with over 105 points; “2 Stars” for spirits scoring more than 95; and “1 Star” for superior spirits scoring more than 85 points.

Submissions for the SOCraft Awards 2024 are now open – and will close on 31 March 2024

Craft distilleries who are interested in submitting their entries can register here.

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