Multi-awarded locally brewed craft beers served fresh in brewery-owned tap room in Saigon

Pasteur Street brewing

October 29th, 2016


At the forefront of Vietnam’s emerging local craft beer scene, Pasteur Street Brewing, in the space of just two years have garnered international recognition for their innovative American-style craft beers. Brewed locally in Saigon since late 2014, Pasteur Street beers were awarded three gold medals at the 2016 Asian Beer Medals show held in Singapore, and are now available in over 80 leading restaurants, bars and hotels across Vietnam. First brewed within a small space along central Saigon’s historic Pasteur Street, the brewery also opened their own tap room in an out-of-the-way upstairs space accessed down a nondescript laneway. The Tap Room opens daily and entices craft beer aficionados  as well as an inquisitive local clientele – with its selections of 12 flavourful craft beers always on tap.

Design   Occupying a narrow first-floor space that overlooks the traffic on bustling Pasteur Street, the solid timber bar at the entrance is the focal point of the sparsely furnished room. Beyond the bar, seating is limited to a handful of high tables, with a bench across the front window a favoured perch. Decorative accents include the multi-colored wooden blocks that line the wall behind the bar, and a mural graphic that references the brewing process.

Beers   Brewmaster and founding partner Alex Violette – with his background in the Colorado craft beer industry – has taken popular American craft beers styles such as IPA’s, wheat ales, and stouts, and introduced local Vietnamese culinary ingredients to create an ever-growing rotation of imaginative – and award-winning – brews. Four of the beers at the core of the Pasteur Street beer list include the Spice Island Saigon Saison (gold medal at 2016 Asian Beer Medal); Jasmine IPA; Imperial Chocolate Stout (gold medal at 2016 World Beer Cup); and Toasted Coconut Porter – supplemented by an additional rotation of eight seasonal and innovative beers.

The Pasteur Street Tap Room opens daily between 11am and 10pm, and check the Facebook Page for information on the latest beers from the brewery.

Pasteur Street Tap Room

Pasteur Street Beers

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    Passionfruit Wheat Ale
  • pasteur street brewing
    Imperial Chocolate Stout
  • pasteur street brewing
    Jasmine IPA
  • pasteur street brewing

(images courtesy Pasteur Street)