Modern Vietnamese cuisine with the rooftop view of the rustic Cho Cu Old Market & city skyline

anan saigon

July 21st, 2017


Making its debut in April 2017, acclaimed Chef Peter Cuong Franklin’s latest endeavour, ANAN Saigon, offers new gastronomic experiences to the lively foodie culture in Ho Chi Minh City’s vibrant District 1. Here, the star of the show is Cuisine Mới, an exploration of modern Vietnamese cuisine, a term coined by Chef Peter himself. ANAN means “eat-eat,” an invitation to dive into each dish with an absorbed piquancy. Perched in the skyscraper-adorned District 1, this youthful bistro dons an outdoor deck overflowing with an urban vibe, thanks to the architectural narrative completed by The Lab Saigon. It fits right into the traditional Cho Cu street market; offering an authentic visual feast of the local culture and flavours. As the sun goes down, the skyline brightens up; ANAN Saigon comes alive, and so do the adventurous bia hơi enthusiasts. Choose to partake the happy hour while enjoying signature cocktails on the rooftop, or watch the chefs in action while seated comfortably by the open kitchen.

Cuisine. Chef Peter reinterprets Vietnamese street food with his cosmopolitan palette. French techniques, paired with locally-sourced, fresh ingredients, are combined to recreate a lively tang that stays true to its local colours. The fan-favourite Dalat Pizza – inspired from the chef’s hometown, is crafted with local artisanal cheese, fresh pumpkin flowers, tofu cuts, and then drizzled with local fresh herbs. Signature dishes on the menu such as the Pho Bo Roll, Bang Xeo Taco and the dessert Broken Lime introduce new takes on old recipes with a newfound charm.

Drinks. ANAN Saigon’s wine list was selected to perfectly blend with the flavours from its menu. It’s house Signature cocktail – a surprisingly oriental brew – is a concoction of dark rum, soy milk, pandan and ginger. Another sought-after cocktail is the Black Tea Tra Da, a dash of tequila blanco intermingled with rice wine, lychee, lime and agave syrup. Internationally curated wines, from Chardonnay to Sauvignon, are handpicked to impress the connoisseur. The fun-loving will enjoy ANAN Saigon’s range of beers and bubbles, some of them crafted locally.

ANAN Saigon is open from 5 pm till 12 am on Mondays to Saturdays. And enjoy the ANAN Saigon Happy Hour, 5 pm – 7 pm, daily on the rooftop perch.

(Featured contributor: Caris Cruz)

 ANAN design

ANAN cocktails

  • ANAN cocktails
    HOUSE SIGNATURE - dark rum, pandan, ginger, soy milk and house-made fresh tofu)
  • ANAN cocktails
  • Anan cocktails
    SPICED PHOJITO - rum, sugar, herbs and lime
  • Anan cocktais
    BLACK TEA TRA DA - tequila blanco, agave syrup, com ruou rice wine, lychee and lime.
  • anan cocktail
    SÀIGÒN SUNSET - Dark rum, fresh sugarcane juice, ginger, calamansi, bitters

ANAN cuisine

  • anan bia hoi
    ANAN Bia Hoi -

(Selected food & cocktail images credit ANAN)