Izakaya-inspired restaurant celebrates the marriage of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines

TokyoLima - There's something about Mary

June 12th, 2018


Established in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central business district in late 2016,  TokyoLima captures the spirit of the Japanese izakaya – casual drinking and dining spots made for the after-office crowd. An innovative concept created by the Pirata Group duo of Manual Palacio and Christian Talpo, TokyoLima explores the same attention to design detail as found in their other Hong Kong restaurants to create an exotic, earthy-toned bar with ambient lights and cosy, upholstered couches paired with wood or marbled low-tables. Guests can enjoy seats by the bar counter or indulge in a private dining room for an exclusive atmosphere.

TokyoLima serves Nikkei cuisine – combining the “heat of Peru with the freshness of Japan.” Chef Arturo Melendez, a Peruvian himself, takes a page off this 100-year-old tradition and elevates it with his own interpretations.

Food. The menu is divided into Small Plates, Seared, Sticks, and finally, the Large Dishes, which are TokyoLima’s showstoppers. Whet that appetite with La Ostra, a trio of fresh oysters seasoned with ponzu and wasabi, or the beetroot-and-prawn-tartare La Causa, Chef Arturo’s personal take on the Peruvian potato terrine. Fans of skewers will enjoy a bounty of meats, from Chicken Yakitori, Octopus and Portobello & Nasu. Lighter meals include salads, such as Soba, a tasty mix of cherry tomatoes, avocado, seaweed tempura and buckwheat noodles. For those coming in groups, try the Omakase Menu, a series of the chef’s favourites.

Drinks. Japan’s famous spirit becomes the star of the night in TokyoLima‘s curated list of sake, where guests can explore many flavours ranging from earthy, full-bodied, to delicate. To jump into Japanese-Peruvian fusion, take a glass of Bar Manager Isabella Vannoni’s creation. Sake Martini is lemon-infused vodka married into Takizawa Tokujo Sake and orange blossom water. Matcha enthusiasts will love Melting Maiko, mixed with rum, green tea powder, lime juice and coconut milk.

TokyoLima is located at G/F 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong. Open from early evening until late, Tuesdays to Sundays.

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Fusion cuisine & cocktails

  • TokyoLima - Maguro Nuevo
    TokyoLima - Maguro Nuevo
  • TokyoLima - Nikkei Mussels
    TokyoLima - Nikkei Mussels
  • TokyoLima - Chicken Breast Yakitori
    TokyoLima - Chicken Breast Yakitori
  • TokyoLima - Pisco Sour
    TokyoLima - Pisco Sour
  • TokyoLima - Lady Marmalade
    TokyoLima - Lady Marmalade
  • TokyoLima - Melting Maiko
    TokyoLima - Melting Maiko

Featured contributor: Caris Cruz

(images credit Pirata Group)