Vintage Hong Kong tram meticulously repurposed into mobile social club

circus tram hong kong


December 29th, 2018


Since 1904 Hong Kong’s double-decker trams have been a part of everyday transport – winding their way across Hong Kong Island. The iconic wooden-framed trams have become part of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage – offering a leisurely paced 2-hour transit from the Western Market Terminus passing through the heart of Central, Wanchai and Causeway Bay and Happy Valley before returning to the Terminus in Sheung Wan. Now, thanks to an imaginative collaboration between Hong Kong start-up Circus Ltd and Hong Kong Tramways one of the vintage trams has been meticulously repurposed into a mobile social club – with the first Circus Tram was launched in September 2018.

Conceived both as a platform for local creativity and as a multi-faceted social venue for cultural, lifestyle, business events, intimate celebrations and educational tours, Circus Tram operates as a Patrons’ Club with private membership, Individual and Corporate Patronage.

The Circus Tram was hand-crafted by a team of designers, architects, engineers, craftsmen and technicians in a multi-year restoration project that melded the tram base of tram #68 with the restored superstructure and wooden frame of old tram #48. The meticulously detailed interior consists of three distinctively themed cabins –

  • Chatham House on the lower-level exudes a classic British club aesthetic with white marble tables and plush leather sofa seating (6 seat capacity).
  • The Freudians on the upper-level features a contemporary style with an open-air balcony at the front ideal for observing the urban landscapes (8 seat capacity).
  • Darwin’s Cabin – a botanical themed “greenhouse” at the rear of the upper-level is a comfortable setting for intimate dining with 16 seats.

With a functional bar and food warmer (plus an onboard bathroom) the Circus Tram offers opportunities for memorable dining and drinks experiences as the tram winds its way through Hong Kong’s streets. The Circus curatorial team works with local boutique kitchens to create seasonal menus infused with local culinary flavours.

Circus Tram typically operates 4 x 2-hour rides per day – with morning, afternoon, evening and night departures from the Western Market Terminus.

For patronage and booking enquiries contact Circus Tram by email at or call +852 5743 1401. For the latest news and events check the Circus Tram on Facebook.

Circus Tram

(Main image credit – Avis Chan / selected  Circus Tram)