Bar industry veterans to launch Hong Kong’s first bar embracing a scrap-less operation concept



October 14th, 2020

UPDATE: November 10th – Penicillin Bar has now opened

Set to open in late October, Penicillin Bar will be Hong Kong’s first sustainable bar that embraces a closed-loop model of production. Marking the latest bar concept from leading Hong Kong bar veterans Agung Pradowo and Roman Ghale – founders of the multi-awarded The Old Man Hong Kong, and The Old Man SingaporePenicillin Bar is a further expression of their innovative approach to the cocktail bar experience.

Taking inspiration from the discovery of penicillin back in the 1940s, Penicillin Bar takes a scientific approach with experimentation, and multiple trials and errors to achieve sustainability breakthroughs in the waste-heavy food & beverage industry. A collaboration with the architectural design firm COLLECTIVE  has conceived and installed The Penicillin Lab within the bar.

Aiming to become Hong Kong’s first “scrap-less” bar the Penicillin team explores ways common waste or kitchen by-products can be recycled and upcycled, while also self-brewing, fermenting, growing, and re-using ingredients to be used in cocktails. Creating their first minimal-waste cocktail list, Penicillin will focus on either locally sourced or up-cycled food and drink ingredients while the drinks will be inspired by the true flavours of Hong Kong.

Located in the historic Hollywood Road neighbourhood, Penicillin Bar will soft-open on October 20th, 2020.


(images credit Penicillin)

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