Acclaimed Singapore cocktail bar launches “A Guide to Modern Drinking, Volume II”

tippling club

August 27th, 2021


Celebrated Singapore restaurant and cocktail bar Tippling Club this month introduced the second volume in their menu series “A Guide To Modern Drinking”. The elaborately illustrated Volume II takes a new direction from the past-looking Volume I cocktails with a fresh collection of cocktails taking inspiration from the art world.

Created by Chef-owner Ryan Clift and Head Bartender Andrew Loudon, the new menu features seven distinct categories offering a wide range of drink styles: Champagne Cocktails, Cocktails, Rocks, Highballs, Through the Ages, Mocktails and a section dedicated to classic cocktails using Lord Ryan’s Prohibition Gin, Tippling Club’s exotic spice-driven collaboration with Prohibition Liquor CoEach of the 26 cocktails comes to life through complex culinary techniques, continuing the gastronomic journey of the Volume I menu. The epicurean creations blend innovative techniques and modern distillation methods with exotic ingredients and thoughtfully curated edible garnishes for a progressive cocktail experience.

Cocktail highlights include the savory and herbaceous Ciphers & Constellations, a nod to Joan Miró’s renowned painting with dill, calvados, Sudachi lime, champagne, and sherbet (S$22); the Basquiat-inspired Untitled (Skull) with chestnut, Nicaraguan rum, green apple, sandalwood, and bitters (S$25); and the Living Still Life, a nod to Dali’s fascination with the ‘atom’ with vermouth, plum blossom, coconut, rambutan, sugar cane (S$22).

In addition to the signature cocktails, Tippling Club also offers a curated, rotating selection of 10 – 12 classic drinks, along with an extensive spirits list available by the 50ml pour. The drinks menu is accompanied by a selection of sophisticated sweet and savory bar snacks, updated seasonally. A nod to the menu’s artistic expression, the final pages invite guests to add their signature and commemorate their visit by leaving their mark on the menu.

Tippling Club’s bar opening hours are currently Monday – Tuesday, and Thursday – Saturday from 12 pm – 10:30 pm

Tippling Club Cocktails

  • Untitled (skull) chestnut, Nicaraguan rum, green apple, sandalwood, and bitters
  • tippling club
    Nighthawks - guava, salted caramel, tequila, plum, citrus, lactose, soda
  • Tippling club
    Living Still Life - vermouth, plum blossom, coconut, rambutan, sugar cane
  • Tippling Club
    Dollar Sign - louis xiii, champagne, kokuto, bitters, fluer-de-lis
  • Tippling Club
    Ciphers & Constellations - dill, calvados, sudachi, champagne, sherbet

(Images credit Tippling Club)

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