Convivial and laid-back vibe in new cocktail den in Singapore’s popular Duxton Hill neighborhood

Cat Bite Club interior


August 1st, 2023


A new addition to Singapore’s vibrant cocktail scene, Cat Bite Club opened in June – a unique concept in Singapore that blends cultures and flavor profiles with two spirits deeply rooted in their terroir – agave and rice spirits. Created by Operating Partners Gabriel Lowe and Jesse Vida, Cate Bite Club takes its name and logo to highlight the personality traits of a cat – curious, excited, a little bit naughty – which evoke the feelings guests have while discovering the fascinating new spirit categories for the first time.

While agave and rice spirits come from vastly different parts of the world and can carry a wide range of flavors, they share many common threads as you begin to learn more about them. From a culinary perspective when it comes to Mexico and Southeast Asia, there are a lot of flavor and ingredient crossovers – from coriander to rice, citrus to chili. Beyond the obvious when it comes to fermentation and distillation, agave and rice spirits each also has a strong cultural significance, with a deep history in Mexican and Asian culture respectively. The production processes are rooted in craftsmanship and tradition, with distinct flavors influenced by the expertise of the producers.

The attractively illustrated drinks menu showcases a wide range of agave and rice spirits, with a mix of universally known to more unconventional offerings as a way to educate guests. The journey begins with a signature serve for each category: the Cat Bite Margarita with Código 1530 Blanco Tequila, Siete Misterios Espadín Mezcal, Cointreau, Fresh Citrus Blend, Agave Nectar, and Sherry for agave; and the Soju Sprint with Tokki Soju, Peach, Honey, Mint, Fresh Citrus Blend, Sherry, Absinthe, Soda for rice. From there, guests can explore reinterpretations of classics through the lens of agave and rice. Each menu page features one classic – from the Espresso Martini to the Queens Park Swizzle – accompanied by one agave variation and one rice variation.

The food menu mirrors the flavors found in the drinks, with a mix of traditional Mexican and Asian ingredients. The bites have been designed to be approachable and inclusive, with vegan and vegetarian options always available. With easily shareable bar bites such as Chili Chicken BaoTuna Tostada; and Chips & Guac – the food offers a perfect complement to the drinks.

Cat Bite Club is tucked away behind a secret entrance – a glowing red sign with a mischievous Cheshire cat grin guides guests to the entrance.


Agave & Rice Spirit Cocktails

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