Retro themed cafes in Hanoi – serve up war era nostalgia & delicious Vietnamese coffee and drinks

cong caphe hanoi

November 12th, 2015


In a city famous for its coffee culture and ubiquitous streetfront cafes, Cong Caphe stand out with their idiosyncratic cafe design and artisan coffee based drinks. Expanding from a single cafe in 2007, there are now around 16 cafes scattered throughout Hanoi and a few other Vietnamese cities. Somewhat irreverently themed around the 60’s and 70’s war era, wartime memorabilia, army-inspired staff attire, and a quirky retro decor of vintage timber furniture set against distressed raw timber and concrete surfaces combine to create a stylish atmosphere. Invariably located in buzzy Hanoi neighbourhoods, Cong Caphe stores, with their friendly and relaxed vibe, attract a hip young local crowd and appreciative foreign visitors. Famous locally for their coconut coffee, and coffee with coconut frozen yoghurt, Cong Caphe also serve a tight selection of snacks, beers, cocktails and other refreshing seasonal fruit beverages.

Decor  Typically occupying compact multi-level spaces, each cafe has its own feel, deftly adapted to the location and interior layout. Colourful floral patterned soft furnishings juxtapose attractively with the distressed vintage aesthetic, while old war-era propaganda posters and memorabilia are scattered around the interiors, referencing the war era.

Beverages   Must try coffee specialities of Cong Caphe are the nau da ( iced milk coffee), den nong ( hot black), and sua chua (coffee with yoghurt) or cot dua (with frozen coconut). Taking an artisanal approach to their coffee making – staff use traditional equipment and techniques to create the authentic taste profiles of Vietnamese coffee. Fresh, premium quality ingredients ensure a rewarding coffee experience. In addition to the famous coffee drinks, the Cong Caphe menu also offers a variety of fresh fruit juices and smoothies, yoghurts, and a tight selection of local beers, and well-executed seasonal fruit-based cocktails.

Cong Caphe outlets in Hanoi are open daily between 7 am and 11:30 pm. Check the Facebook Page for menu updates and news.

Cong Caphe at Dien Bien Phu

Cong Caphe at Trang Tien

Cong Caphe coffee

  • cong caphe
    Coconut coffee smoothie
  • cong caphe
    Coffee with coconut milk
  • cong caphe
    Black Cong coffee - with sunflower seeds

Cong Caphe cocktails

  • cong caphe
    Passion Martini - smirnoff citrus, peaches, passion fruit
  • cong caphe
  • cong caphe
    Asian Garden - smirnoff red, amaretto liqueur, apple vinegar, ginger, sesame oil
  • cong caphe
    Cong Red Army - havana light rum, smelling the roses, lychee, coconut, strawberry