Authentic Shanghai cuisine and contemporary sophistication at acclaimed Singapore restaurant

imperial treasure

January 18th, 2016


Among fine Chinese dining establishments in Singapore, the Imperial Treasure restaurants have captured impressive local and regional acclaim for their superb renditions of authentic regional Chinese cuisines and impeccable service standards. Expanding from the original Imperial Treasure restaurant founded in 2004, the expanded group now operates 30 outlets – with 25 in Singapore and 5 in Shanghai – and offers a diversity of fine and casual Chinese dining experiences. Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine, launched in 2013, is one of the standout fine dining restaurants in Singapore, located within the prestigious Takashimaya Shopping Centre on Orchard Road. The attractive restaurant interior features a contemporary decor that exudes an understated elegance and sophistication, while experienced chefs cook an extensive menu of traditional Shanghai cuisine dishes, elevated with premium quality ingredients and contemporary presentation.
Endurably popular with local families, business groups and visitors to the shopping centre, Imperial Treasure serves lunch and dinner daily. Diners can choose between well-spaced tables in the main dining room, or a variety of luxurious private rooms and semi-private booths.

Design  A series of distinctive timber pods extending around the curved restaurant frontage attractively enclose the interior dining spaces from the bustle of the mall. At both the reception, and within the restaurant, extensive dark timber panelling contrasts with the soft neutral tones of the decor to create comfortable and elegant dining spaces. The leather upholstered semi-circular booths add a contemporary interpretation to semi-private dining, while a series of fully-enclosed private rooms offer luxurious and discrete dining for small groups.

Cuisine  An attractively presented menu features an expansive selection of dishes drawn from authentic Shanghai cuisine. In addition to cold Appetisers such as Deep-fried beancurd skin roll; Smoked Japanese Egg; and Marinated Black Fungus salad, specialties at Imperial Treasure include Premium Seafood dishes such as Braised Hokkaido Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw in Oyster Sauce; and Sautéed Yellow Cream Crab with Glutinous rice. Other standout dishes include Stewed Pork in Brown Sauce served with Steamed Buns; and Sauteed shrimp with honey peas in black truffle oil. Also renowned for their Dim Sum, the menu offers a wide selection of the popular dumplings, buns and pastries. An impressive wine cellar offers a wide selection of labels and price points from the top global wine regions.

Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine opens daily for lunch and dinner – table and private room bookings are advised.

Restaurant Design

Shanghai Cuisine

  • mperial treasure
    Appetisers - Orchid Lettuce Stem + Deep fried beancurd skin roll + Smoked Japanese Egg + Marinated Black Fungus salad
  • imperial treasure
    Sauteed shrimp with honey peas in black truffle oil
  • imperial treasure
    Eel steamed with Chinese Ham & Mushroom in sweet fermented wine
  • imperial treasure
    Steamed Pork Dumplings
  • imperial treasure
    Stewed Pork in Brown Sauce served with Steamed Buns
  • imperial treasure
    Pan-fried Pumpkin Pancake
  • imperial treasure
    Deep fried black sesame glutinous rice dumpling coated with sesame seeds

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