Cask-finished spirits & classic cocktails featured at newly launched hidden bar in Singapore

the other room

July 30th, 2016


A sophisticated take on the drinking houses of the Prohibition-era, the newly opened The Other Room in Singapore introduces a new concept into the crowded local cocktail bar scene. Forgoing modern mixology gimmicks and overly complex combinations of multiple ingredients, at The Other Room discerning patrons can expect a remarkable selection of over 150 premium and craft spirits that have been blended and aged in small oak casks – bottled – and served individually, in tasting flights, or as the foundation for polished renditions of classic cocktails.

Occupying an intimate hidden space adjacent to the main lobby at Singapore Marriott, the new bar is the realisation of a collaboration between the local FOC group (behind the popular FOC restaurant and bar in Hong Kong Street) and Marriott Hotels. Heading up the bar program, Master Blender Dario Knox is internationally recognised for his bartending skills and passion for the meticulous adaptation of classic libations for a knowledgeable contemporary clientele.

Design  Dimly lit and concealed away from the hotel lobby behind an unmarked doorway and heavy dark curtains, the design of The Other Room references the hidden drinking dens of the Prohibition-era, updated with a custom designed interior decor that exudes an understated luxe. The long black marble bar dominates attention, with the impressive array of house-labelled  bottles, and small oak casks showcased on full-length shelves behind the bar. Comfortable seating – simple yet elegant settings for small groups – caters for around 30 guests only. Centrepiece of the space is a over-size hand-made brass sculpture inspired by the classic Boston cocktail shaker.

Cask finished spirits & Classic Cocktails  Taking cues from the new international bar concept for in-house cask finishing of premium quality spirits, master blender Dario has created a rigorously researched cocktail and spirits compendium currently unique in Singapore. Balanced flavour combinations are achieved by ageing premium spirits in small-batch, individually finished oak casks – then served neat, in tasting flights, or incorporated into a list of classic cocktails. Oak casks for ageing are typically finished with sherry, port wine, or bourbon that impart subtle notes into the aged spirit – and result in a smoother spirit with additional layers of flavours.

The list of 30 well-crafted classic cocktails at The Other Room are categorised under the Pre-Prohibition, Prohibition and Post-Prohibition periods, while other classifications include Solera System, Aged, and Sherry Cask Matured.

The Other Room opens Monday to Wednesday in the evenings from 6pm until 3am, and Thursday to Sunday between 6pm and 4am. With limited seating – reservations are recommended.

The Other Room interior

The Other Room Cocktails

  • the other room
    California Boulevardier - barrel-aged 2-drink cocktail. Rye, Bourbon, Campari, Dry Vermouth + Californian Pale Ale
  • the other room
    King of Persia - Pre-Prohibition Julep-style cocktail - Cognac, Bourbon, Angostura Bitters, mint, sugar
  • the other room
    1928 - vintage Prohibition-era cocktail - Gin, Dry Vermouth, Dry Curacao, Campari, orange bitters Punch
  • the other room
    Move Peach Get Out The Way - Post-Prohibition cocktail - Gin, oyster mushrooms, lemon, sugar, Crème de Mure