Award-winning bar internationally lauded for its experimental drinks introduces a refreshed menu

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December 6th, 2019


Hidden away in a nondescript basement in Singapore’s Ann Siang Hill neighborhood, Operation Dagger has, since opening in 2014, been attracting in-the-know cocktail fans with its unique flavor-forward drinks. The award-winning bar has garnered an international following thanks to its authentic underground vibes and pursuit of original, experimental drinks.

Recently, new Head Bartender and Creative Director, Thomas Girard, has added his imprint at the bar by introducing a refreshed menu of “Dangerous Drinking Water” creations. The Frenchman, along with a talented all-new bar team, draw from their diverse experience to craft a lineup of six imaginative drinks and three types of “Hooch” (ferments). The new drinks include evocative creations such as the Golden Mile, an aromatic coconut concoction infused with Thai herbs and a fresh chilli finish; the E-701, a beetroot-infused number that brings to mind red velvet cake, albeit with a welcome zing; and the “So it wasn’t coffee,” a refreshing liquid illusion that surprises the senses with every sip.

Operation Dagger has also refreshed the bar’s concise FEED menu. The ever-creative team have updated long-time favourites like French Fries, Sour + Bread and Yesterday’s Mash, and added three new dishes to the lineup. Fresh and delicate, the new Tuna Tartare dials up the intrigue with tropical additions like mango and avocado, while the hearty Chilli + Meat dish stars ultra-tender beef that’s been slow-cooked for six hours with kidney beans and cacao nibs.

In addition to the new drinks, familiar signature cocktails are still available– the Gomashio, Hot + Cold, Bee Pollen and Choc Pinot – all drinks that underscore the bar’s commitment to originality, experimentation, and sensory experiences.

New Cocktails

  • cocktail
    E-701 - Beetroot, Cacao, Mandarin, Cream Cheese
  • singapore cocktails
    Golden Mile - aromatic coconut concoction infused with Thai herbs & fresh chilli
  • cocktails singapore
    Purple Yamborghini - pandan, yoghurt and yam
  • cocktails operation dagger
    “So it wasn’t coffee" - refreshing liquid illusion
  • Jackfruit - fizzy, aromatic drink from new Hooch menu
  • cocktails singapore
    É Khổ Qua - lacto-fermented bitter melon, spinach, cane and whey


(images credit Operation Dagger)

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