Inspired by the seasons of Japan – a collaboration between pastry chef Janice Wong & Roku Gin

roku gin cocktail

September 26th, 2020


Singapore’s innovative pastry chef Janice Wong has introduced a new collaboration with Japanese craft gin brand Roku Gin – creating an enticing combination of seasonal flavors with the pairing of the Spume” cocktail and “Oasis” dessert.

For the new Oasis dessert creation, Summer and Autumn seasons come alive in the sweet and subtly savoury Matcha Sansho Sponge, before winter beckons with bursting fruity Lychee Pearls, topped off with Jasmine Ginger Mousse and Pink Pepper Crumble. The dish finishes with a Roku Gin Ice Rock and kochi yuzu sorbet that promises to delight taste senses as a celebration of the four seasons of Japan.

Complementing the Oasis dessert is the Spume cocktail –  inspired by the unique flavors of Roku Gin. Combining Roku Gin, Cocchi Americano, the cocktail adds a taste of freshness from green kiwi with notes of lime, and is topped with a lingering scent of tonka bubbles.

The featured dessert and cocktail will be served at 2am: Dessert Bar until the end of October.


21m x roku menu


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(images credit 2am:dessert bar)

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