The iconic bittersweet liqueur and its most popular cocktail creation continue as top choices for drinkers worldwide


May 18th, 2024


The iconic Italian aperitif, Campari, has maintained its position as the world’s best-selling liqueur for an impressive seventh consecutive year, as reported in the Drinks International Brands Report 2024. This achievement is further amplified by the news that the Negroni, the undeniably classic cocktail featuring Campari at its core has cemented its status as the #1 best-selling cocktail globally for the third consecutive year.

The recognition underscores not only Campari’s enduring popularity but also the Negroni’s timeless allure. Bartenders worldwide continue to champion the vibrant red spirit, recognizing its versatility in crafting the perfect Negroni – a spirit-forward and sophisticated bar mainstay enjoyed by cocktail enthusiasts across the globe.


Campari Bartending Competition returns

In a highly anticipated return after a five-year hiatus, Campari is relaunching its respected bartending competition, Campari Red Hands Asia. This year’s iteration emphasizes collaboration where bartenders from key Asian markets compete as teams of up to 3 for the coveted title of Campari Red Hands Asia Champion.

Themed “Cocktail & Senses,” the competition challenges participants to push creative boundaries by crafting the next Negroni tree icon integrating any one of the five senses – sight, smell, taste, touch, or sound. Sectioned into 3 stages, the competition starts with a video presentation (Round 1), proceeds to a month-long showcase of campaign exclusive cocktails that will be made available at respective bars (Round 2), then culminating to a local showdown (Round 3) that narrows participants down to a Singapore representative at the grand final in Milan. In Singapore, Campari Group is currently in the midst of recruiting partner bars and bartenders for the competition.


(images credit Campari Group)

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