New bar & lounge takes guests on whimsical journeys while immersed in House & Disco music

Rails Singapore

February 26th, 2021


Conceived as a steampunk-inspired bar and lounge, ​Rails​, takes inspiration from the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Jinrikisha Station – both located within its neighborhood. Rails has been conceptualized as a platform where pleasure-seekers gather for curious bon vivant voyages – featuring an exploration of adventurous cocktails and gratifying bites – within a fascinating space decked-out with steampunk elements – and sound-tracked with curated House and Disco music.

The third concept by A Phat Cat Collective, the driving force behind arcade bars, ​NINETEEN80 and Pinball Wizard, ​Rails follows the same philosophy of a thematic hideaway that is instantly memorable and experiential. Set within a different and fictional era, the scene at Rails is visually stimulating for imbibing copious food and drinks – taking guests away from normalcy and into worlds unknown.

Designed as a train platform with a steampunk twist – guests are transported into a Victorian-era underground railway – including a concave tunnel wall that makes up the bar area. The interior spaces are furnished with a textured mix of leather, wood, and metal to evoke a vintage industrial appeal. Seating options include leather sofas, standing at the bar counter, or the modular configuration of high tables and stools.

At the bar, cocktails are categorized under Sparkling Like The Hopeful Light Of Tomorrow for fizzy refreshers; ​Creamy, Dreamy, Satin Cruisin’ for velvety milk-based sips; plus the spirit-forward ​Stirring Spirituous Blends For Bracing Times​, and ​Curious Experiments. Fortune Favours The Bold for audacious yet delicious pours.

Bar bites are taken care of by local Nashville fried chicken joint – Chix Hot Chicken – with an outlet for dine-in embedded at Rails, plus all-day take-outs with a dedicated back alley entrance vivified with graffiti-lined walls.

Music is a key element to the experience of Rails (and other A Phat Cat Collective venues) – with a range of House and Disco, Downtempo, and World music to bring the ambience to life.

Current operation hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm, and Sundays from 3:30 pm until 10:30 pm.

Rails Cocktails & Bar Bites

  • Midsummer Dystopia -smoked vodka, pisco, pear liqueur, muddled pear
  • rails singapore
    Steamed & Hammered -molasses rum, sweet vermouth, elderflower liqueur, umami bitters
  • Rails singapore
    Murder on Orient Express - absinthe, coffee liqueur, pear, pineapple & orange juice
  • Rails singapore
    Soul Slider - fried chicken wedged between two butter-swiped bun halves, paprika & mayo sauce
  • Rails singapore
    Dirty Taters -potato tater tots, fried chicken bits - cheddar & gouda sauce

(images credit Rails )

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