The Old Man Singapore returns to its roots with a new menu referencing Hemingway’s colorful life

Old Man Singapore

August 21st, 2021


With the success of their “v1” and “v2” menus, The Old Man Singapore continues to enhance its reputation with the new Best of The Old Man SG “v3” menu. Taking inspiration from literary giant Ernest Hemingway’s colorful life experiences, as well as the women he loved, the new “v3” cocktails take guests on a journey of exploration into sophisticated mixology. Helmed by Managing Partner Andrew Yap, the team was given free creative rein in crafting the latest menu iteration, capturing the essence of Hemingway’s journey in every creation in this concise menu.

“The innovative drinks attempt to distill the memories associated with Hemingway’s journey, invoking a sense of nostalgia for a distant past, for romantic and tragic relationships, as well as adventure and travel. In the spirit of Hemingway’s ingenuity, each cocktail is experimental, combining culinary accoutrements and science. This menu also sees an 80% reduction in the use of fresh fruits, incorporating essential oils and essences instead, thus promoting sustainability in a tangible manner without sacrificing taste, “ says Andrew Yap, Managing Partner of The Old Man Singapore.

All “v3” creations are available at $22+ at The Old Man Singapore. In addition, guests can still order The Old Man Singapore crowd favourites, such as the Clear Old Fashioned, Negroni and Pandan Gin & Tibicos ($22+).

#1917, #1927, #1940, and #1952 from the “v3” menu are also available for takeaway in 250ml bottle formats at $38 nett.

Selected house spirits such as the Pandan Gin, Marshmallow Gin, and Avruga Vodka are also available (250ml bottle formats at $38 nett).

Current operating hours at The Old Man Singapore are Monday – Saturday from 5 pm – 10:30 pm weekdays, closed Sunday.

New “The Old Man” v3 Cocktails

  • Old Man SG 1927
    "1927" Remy martin, Madagascar bean vermouth, maraschino, bitters
  • Old Man SG 1952
    "1952" Casa Elemental Reposado, sous vide capsicum distillate, Cointreau
  • The Old Man 1940
    "1940" Michter’s sour mash whiskey, sous vide Ficus Carica, chocolate wine
  • Old man 1899
    "1899" fermented textured vegetable protein, Havana Rum, soy milk Kefir, rotovap Pandan distillate
  • The Old Man 1944
    "1944" Stranger & Son’s gin, roasted Solanum Melongena, Gomme

(Images credit Old Man Singapore)

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