Roku Gin honours the ‘Shun’ of exclusive spring ingredients at six top bars

roku gin spring cocktails


April 24th, 2023


Marking the change of seasons, Roku Gin celebrates its homage to ‘Shun’, the harvesting of ingredients at the peak of the Spring season, with six top bars in Singapore.

Cherry, rhubarb, strawberry, sudachi, plum, and avocado are the stars of the season – crafted into three refreshing cocktails at GOHO, Origin, Live Twice, Manhattan, One Ninety and Stay Gold.

A bartender from each bar was tasked with creating three cocktails from their appointed specialty spring ingredient to share with guests their expression of “spring in a glass”, bringing to life their respective ingredients in unique and delicious ways. In doing so, they share the blessings of Spring with guests and inspire them to find the best of their palates, their “Shun” and the best versions of themselves.

Taste the cocktails exclusively at the handpicked bars below from early April until 26 May 2023:

  1. Manhattan (Cherry) – Senior Bartender Yahan
  2. Stay Gold (Sudachi) – Senior Bartender Amos Kew
  3. Live Twice (Strawberry) – Principal Bartender David Kim
  4. ORIGIN: (Avocado) – Head Bartender Edu
  5. GOHO: (Rhubarb) – Group Bar Manager Reshawn
  6. One Ninety (Plum) – Head Bartender Sophia Kang


Roku Gin Spring Cocktails at the 6 bars

(images credit Roku Gin)

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