Hidden behind Japanese vending machines  izakaya-style bar pours umeshu with classic Japanese bar eats

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July 28th, 2023



Behind a row of jidōhanbaiki Japanese vending machines humming in seemingly listless existence, slot into Ume San 100, the first of its kind, quirkiest Japanese Umeshu & Highball Bar that’s the new fad place to go to for a drink with friends. The secret entrance hides the largest collection of umeshu in Singapore, carrying only the best from Wakayama, the birthplace of umeshu. Ume San 100 prides itself in having 95% of its umeshu, liqueurs, and ingredients directly imported from Japan.

Discover the different profiles of umeshu – made into exclusive cocktails at Ume San 100, shaken, stirred, and blended with varied ingredients for unique takes on the plum liquor – including modern experimental drinks such as tea umeshu, fruit and dessert umeshu, and more. Additional classic flavours can be sipped with Ume San 100’s highballs, available in close to 30 variations from Classic Ume Highball and Whisky Ume Highball to Shiso Ume Highball and Tea Ume Highball.

Served alongside the umeshu are selections of classic izakaya treats and bites reinvented with the Ume San 100 touch. Recommended dishes include  Umesan Nachi Pagoda, featuring four flavours of freshly made chinmi, crafted from ingredients imported from Japan; the Signature Nagoya Dry Prawn Ramen, a springy dry ramen dish tossed mazesoba-style in a secret recipe sauce and embellished with freshwater prawns seared to perfection; and broth-based satisfaction can be found with the Ume San 100 creation Angry Asari Soup Ramen derived from an Asari white miso and pork bones broth simmered over long hours before sweetened with fresh Asari clams.

Reinvented classic snacks include the Lok Lok Oden, a serving of traditional Japanese oden skewers on sticks presented in a Kyushu traditional Japanese teapot kept warm over a portable gas cooker. And Garlic Chicken Karage brings the classic Japanese-style fried chicken up a notch by frying it in garlic-infused oil for golden chicken nuggets laced with garlicky punch without being overpowering.

The Ramen Bar opens Monday to Friday from 11:30am to 2:30 pm, while the Umeshu & Highball Bar is open daily from 5:30pm until 11:30pm.

Ume San 100 Umeshu & Bar Eats

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    Sea Garden & Pot De Fleurs
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    Angry Chashu Soup Ramen
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    Selected mains
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    Signature Nagoya Dry Prawn Ramen



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