EDITION’s signature bar concept celebrates the pioneering global origins of punch

February 15th, 2024


The newest outpost of Punch Room – the signature bar concept of EDITION hotels globally, has opened at The Singapore EDITION. The first bar in Singapore focused exclusively on punch, Punch Room is an intimate space set in the exciting new Cuscaden Road enclave in upper Orchard Road. Punch Room Singapore is a haven for discerning guests seeking an extraordinary fusion of innovative cocktails and culinary artistry with an elevated and personalized hospitality experience.

The Punch Room concept first debuted at The London EDITION in 2013, awakening the global mixology scene to a forgotten punch lifestyle. Punch Room Singapore is the first in Southeast Asia and sits within a global portfolio of eight venues across EDITION Hotels in London, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Tampa, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Each Punch Room pays homage to the culture of its location, incorporating spices, teas, and spirits unique to the region in its menus, balanced with the craftsmanship and creative experimentation of expert mixologists.

Punch Room Singapore brings to life the traditions and stories of the drink’s origins along the Asian trade routes in the 1 7th century, presenting a menu dedicated to the spices and flavors of Southeast Asia,” says Gates Otsuji, Global Director of Bars for EDITION Hotels. He continues, “The richness of maritime and trade history in Southeast Asia is fertile ground to explore as we create exciting punches and exceptional experiences at Punch Room Singapore.”

It is believed that punch originates from the 1 7th century — sailors for the British East India Company adapted the name from the Sanskrit word “pääé”, meaning five, as the drink was typically made with five traditional ingredients: spirits from Europe and the colonies, spices and citrus from Africa and the East, teas from China and India, and sugar from the Indies. One could say that punch was the first truly modern drink and the ancestor of cocktails, incorporating ingredients from around the world.

Punch Room Singapore takes cues from this tradition and infuses regional flavors like Ceylon tea, kedondong, Sarawak pepper, and lemongrass in its menus, taking guests on a journey through trade routes in the Straits Archipelago. A testament to the cultural exchanges that characterized the region, the story of punch mirrors the rich history and captivating mythology of Singapore, and how it evolved into the multicultural, forward-thinking city today welcoming travelers from across the globe

The innovative menu of Punch Room Singapore features 12 expertly curated punches that take guests through the journey of Singapore’s growth from a small fishing village to the modern, world-class business and maritime hub of Asia. Guests can sip on a single serving to sample a wide variety of punches or linger around over large communal punchbowls enjoyed with friends.

Each punch is created to order and presented in an antique silver punchbowl sourced from L&P Silversmiths in London, evoking the grandeur of centuries past. This nod to the 1 7th-century social tradition of personalized punch service invites guests to partake in an authentic and tailored experience where communal enjoyment takes center stage. Punchbowls are available in three sizes – small, medium, and large, and are accompanied by a matching ornate ladle to complete the ritual of service.

punch room singapore

(L: Daeng’s Punch   R: Kusu Island Punch)

The punch menu highlights include the signature gin and rum-based Tempest Punch, with fresh and floral flavors from cucumber, lime, coriander seed, and jasmine silver needle tea. A spicier option is the Cornerstone Punch, with a Cödigo Blanco tequila base, infusing flavors from Ceylon arrack, pear, sour local fruit kedondong, star anise, lime, and English Breakfast Tea. The Kusu Island Punch is a fresh, bright choice with Roku gin, sparkling sake pandan, lemongrass, and sencha tea.

The Afternoon Tea at Punch Room has been curated to uniquely reflect the distinctive ritual of punch, artful service, and personalized presentation. The indulgent offering aims to surprise and delight guests, and become a cherished weekend ritual – Afternoon Tea is served on Fridays and Saturdays between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Punch Room is open from 5.00 pm until midnight on Tuesdays to Thursdays and 2.00 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

(images credit The EDITION Singapore)

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