ANTI:DOTE introduces its new ‘Cure-All’ menu of remedy-inspired cocktails and paired tapas


September 18th, 2023


Acclaimed Singapore cocktail bar ANTI:DOTE – recognized for its progressive mixology and complementary tapas offerings – recently introduced a refreshed cocktail menu. The relaunched menu features a plethora of cocktails that take their inspiration from ancient and modern remedies. Located within the Fairmont Singapore hotel, ANTI:DOTE has been a fixture on Singapore’s vibrant cocktail scene since its launch nearly 10 years ago.

Head Mixologist Kingston Chin has created the new Cure-All menu – which consists of three sections: Long Long Time Ago – inspired by ancient remedies from around the world; Grandma Says celebrates cures inherited through the generations; and Modern Times showcases the innovative mixtures of today. Alongside the new drinks menu are new tapas offerings to elevate the experience.

antidote bar singapore

( L to R: Déjà vu; El Padrino; and What Do You Want?! from Modern Times)


antidote bar singapore

(L to R: Wand and Potion; Ancient Love Potion; and Anna, Put That Little Finger Down! from Long Long Time Ago)


The new evening tapas menu offers a variety of sharing plates that pair perfectly with the cure-all cocktails to tantalise taste buds. Indulge in the Joselito Paleta Ham (S$26) with Spanish crystal bread for a rich, buttery flavour and crunchy texture. The Hokkaido Scallop Dumpling (S$24), with peanut tofu, Kristal caviar, and Irish Oysters No3 (2 pieces at S$16 and 6 pieces at S$48) lends a subtle taste of the ocean. Vegans can relish the Smoked Baby Aubergine (S$15), served with red pepper mascarpone, macadamia nuts, and Japanese pentas flowers grown in the hotel’s on-site Aquaponics farm.

anti:dote Singapore

(L to R: Irish Oysters No3; Smoked Baby Aubergine; and Chilli Cocoa Waffle)


(images credit Fairmont Singapore)

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