Impressive mixology amid the sophistication of vintage décor and opulent fabrics

OSS Bar Bangkok


January 16th, 2024


An extraordinary addition to the Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter’s historic premises, The O.S.S Bar draws inspiration from the enigmatic life and mysterious 1967 disappearance of Jim Thompson. With its setting along the banks of one of central Bangkok’s picturesque canals, the new bar artfully blends vintage charm with contemporary sophistication, while serving up polished cocktail experiences. For those in the know the recently opened The O.S.S. Bar has become an essential stop, drawing the city’s vibrant cocktail circuit; a must-do for discerning travellers eager for a nuanced Bangkok nightlife experience.

Subtle hints of Jim Thompson’s connection to the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) surround patrons as they embark on a journey through vintage photographs, cherished artefacts, and whispered tales that set the stage for an unforgettable experience and hint at Thompson’s adventures. Guests are promised a trip to an age filled with charm where they can savour their exquisitely crafted drinks against a backdrop of vibrant beats and picturesque surroundings.

This bar itself is an ode to timeless elegance where every cocktail is a curated narrative, reflecting the intricate tapestry of Thompson’s life. The skillfully crafted menu showcases Thompson’s myriad adventures and his larger-than-life persona in four chapters. Each chapter, from his early life to his associations with the O.S.S., and his profound connection to Thailand, offers cocktails inspired by pivotal moments and locales in his journey.

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The menu is designed as a field manual, where each drink unfolds a tale. Symbols hinting at its flavour profile – sweet, sour, spicy, bitter or more – convey a nuanced message in a glass. Instead of traditional ingredients, scenes from Jim Thompson’s life offer subtle clues about the cocktail’s essence. Explains Siriwan Sinpan the bar manager – “The O.S.S. Bar is a labour of love, a place where history, creativity, and mixology converge. We’ve crafted each cocktail with meticulous attention to detail, aiming to transport our guests on a journey through time and flavour. Here, every sip tells a story.”

Jim Thompson cocktails


Just below The O.S.S. Bar, the Jim Thompson, A Thai Restaurant, offers a culinary ode to the legendary Silk King. Melding Jim Thompson’s rich history with modern Thai gastronomy, the restaurant offers premium ingredients and inventive dishes. Whether enjoying a casual lunch beside the tranquil koi pond or delving into an evening of curated wine and innovative Thai cuisine, guests are assured memorable experiences. Embracing the “Vibe Dining” concept, the venue seamlessly combines restaurant and club elements.

At the helm of Jim Thompson, A Thai Restaurant is Executive Chef Pepe Dasí Jiménez. Also known as Chef Pepe, he brings international acclaim and a special twist on Thai flavours, capturing the contemporary spirit of Thai cuisine. Says Chef Pepe, “Both the bar and restaurant encapsulate the essence of Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife and culinary scene, offering guests an unparalleled blend of history, innovation, and ambience.”

The Thai Silk Company was founded in 1951 by James H.W. Thompson, an architect, art collector, socialite, and entrepreneur who is recognized as the driving force behind the revival of Thailand’s silk industry.  Jim Thompson is an iconic global lifestyle brand from Thailand with a reputation for beautiful silks and “Beyond Silk”.

The O.S.S Bar opens daily between 6 pm and midnight.


(images credit Jim Thompson)

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