Robotic barista/bartender serves up coffee and cocktails in new hospitality concept

Ratio Cafe & Lounge

November 14th, 2020


Harnessing developments in both robotics and AI, the newly opened RATIO Cafe and Lounge introduces an innovative concept for user-customized cocktails and coffee. Familiar traditional and contemporary beverages are enhanced with the precision and consistency of the technology-forward service. Supported by the team of Ratiologists – experienced baristas and mixologists – guests are offered guidance with their taste and ingredient preferences. Transitioning from a daytime cafe to an evening lounge RATIO offers a list of over 50 coffee and cocktails – made from local Asian and imported ingredients with coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Liberia – and cocktails created from a wide selection of premium spirits.

Examples of drinks that exemplify the variety of drinks available from the detailed menu include local favorite coffee beverages like the Kopi-O, Teh C, and Coconut Cold Brew Latte. Cocktails options range from Ratio’s Old Fashioned, Singapura Mary, to the Tom Yum Martini. The entire drinks menu is fully customizable with a digital interface controlling everything from the number of spirit or coffee shots, ingredients added, to the number of ice cubes.

The first RATIO outlet in Singapore is located within The Centrepoint mall on Orchard Road, with further openings in the pipeline. RATIO opens daily from 8 am until 10 pm.

RATIO Café And Lounge


Ratio Cocktails & Coffee

  • Ratio singapore
    Singapura Mary & Tom Yum Martini
  • ratio cocktails & coffee
    Old Fashioned & Ice Latte


(images credit Ratio)

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