New INFINITY menu of innovative cocktails draws inspiration from a realm of ideas and inventions

March 30th, 2024



Origin Bar at Shangri La Singapore recently unveiled its latest cocktail concept, “INFINITY,” featuring 18 new innovative cocktail concoctions inspired by ideas reimagined into far-fetched cocktail concepts from bartenders’ perspectives. A strong emphasis is placed on various cocktail techniques to achieve flavour precision, served in different styles of cocktails, each one a testament to the fusion of imagination and craftsmanship.

Crafted by Origin Bar’s team of talented bartenders under the leadership of Beverage and Bar Manager, Adam Bursik, “INFINITY” showcases the collective ingenuity of a group of free-spirited individuals, each hailing from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The dynamic group of mixologists bring to the table their unique interpretations of cocktails, infused with cultural influences and innovative techniques which guests will discover through the new cocktail menu.

Highlights from the new menu include Ma To Ma To crafted  with Fords Gin Distilled Ketchup, Green Tomato Siete Misterios Mezcal, and Furikake  – creating sweet, salty, acidic, savoury and umami all at once. The complexity of the distilled Ketchup and Worcestershire sauce and green tomato cordial combine pleasingly with the smokiness of Mezcal, and a finishing touch of fragrant roasted sesame and seaweed.

The Pinapplecolada features a combination of Pine, Caramelised Apples, Coconut Water, Calvados, Naked Malt Whisky, and Perrier. Caramelised apples are turned into cordial with coconut water and mixed with a blend of Whisky and pine Calvados.

While the Art But No Latte is an intriguing Cereals, Blueberry, Blackberry, Pineau Des, Charentes, Woodford Reserve Bourbon. This creation asks guests to imagine a place, where it has everything with coffee, yet nothing at all. It’s the rest of your morning ritual. Time for illusions – the era where things are not what they seem. Cereals sous-vide Bourbon with dark berries cordial and raisins, shaken to frothy perfection.

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(L: Eyes Scream  C: Splash & Dash  R: Lullaby)


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