New Bar Serves 20 Cocktails on Tap – in Collaboration with Singapore’s Nutmeg & Clove

draft land cocktails


October 14th, 2023


Renowned Taiwanese cocktail bar Draft Land opened the doors of its Singapore offshoot on October 12th, 2023 introducing to Singapore the opportunity to experience its lifestyle-oriented philosophy encompassing people, events, and music. Draft Land was first launched in ZhongXiao Taiwan in 2018 by Drinks Lab, a beverage R&D company co-founded by renowned bartender Angus Zou. It was the first bar in Asia to pioneer only cocktails on tap, making the experience more accessible and affordable to a broader audience – and has since expanded with 5 branches in Taiwan and Hong Kong – and now Singapore.

The new opening is an enticing collaboration between two of Asia’s 50 best bars – Nutmeg & Clove, a Singapore-centric establishment with numerous accolades, including the prestigious #7 ranking on Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023, joins forces with Draft Land Taiwan which achieved a ranking of #47 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars in 2019.

“The concept behind Draft Land is to shake up conventional perceptions of a bar and introduce a refreshing approach that appeals to both bartenders and customers. Our goal is to make cocktails accessible and casual while maintaining consistency — something you can enjoy at any time, not limited to intricate creations crafted by master bartenders. Through this approach, we aspire to attract a wider audience into the world of cocktails, thereby expanding the market,” shared Angus Zou, founder of Draft Land Taiwan.

Guests in Singapore can look forward to the signature elements that make Draft Land so special, from over 20 cocktails on tap to its draftenders, a moniker given to the personable, fun, and knowledgeable front-of-house staff that interact with guests. The bar also offers pioneering Sample Service, where guests may ask the draftenders for recommendations and explore a variety of flavours before choosing which cocktail to order.

draft land cocktails

The range of cocktails, priced at S$18+ or S$20+ each, includes signatures from Taiwan such as Green Negroni, Tropical Daydreaming, Afternoon Tea Punch, Fancy Iced Tea 花樣冰茶  – complemented by a special offering during October of six exclusive cocktail recipes crafted by renowned bartenders from around the world in recognition of the Worlds 50 Best Bars 2023 event. Highlights include the Oolong Tea Collins by Antonio Lai of Quinary, Hong Kong; Margarita Spritz by Matt Whiley of Re-, Sydney; C & T by Shingo Gokan of The SG Club, Tokyo; Hustlemagic Highball by Monica Berg of Tayēr + Elementary, London; Peach & Coke by Demie Kim of Zest, Seoul; and Soul of Osaka by Hidetsugu Ueno of High Five, Tokyo. These cocktails promise a diverse range of flavours and influences, offering patrons a taste of global mixology expertise.

draft land singapore food

To pay homage to the famed Taiwanese outlet, Draft Land Singapore offers an exclusive menu of modern bar snacks inspired by Taiwan’s beloved culinary traditions – including Wagyu Cold Noodles; Fried Oysters with fried egg and ikura; and Taiwanese Poutine Fries.

Located at 24 Purvis Street, Draft Land Singapore offers both indoor and outdoor drinking experiences – and opens Tuesday-Friday from 4 pm to midnight and, Saturday & Sunday between 2 pm and midnight.


(images credit Draft Land)

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