New super deluxe whisky brand launched in conjunction with the recent passage of the luxury yacht “John Walker & Sons Voyager” around Asia Pacific ports

John Walker & Sons Odyssey Bottle and Casing

The unique crystal-grade glass decanter and rich casing which houses John Walker & Sons Odyssey triple malt.


A Rare Blend for a New Century-

The world’s leading luxury whisky house- John Walker & Sons was founded at Ayrshire, Scotland by John Walker- a local grocery merchant in the 1850′s. Subsequently, in 1865, John’s son Alexander produced their first whisky blend, Walker’s Old Highland . The whisky blend was re-branded under the “Johnnie Walker” label in 1908, and the colour names introduced.

In 1932, Sir Alexander Walker- grandson of the original founder- John Walker- created a unique decanter bottle which was able to move to match the motion created by ocean waves. The original blend he created brought to life the idea of the gestalt – combining rare and bold whiskies to create the ultimate sensory experience. The decanter was a stunning work of art fit to house his matchless blends, and soon became a favourite on the luxury cruise liners of that time.

Inspired by Sir Alexander Walker’s original notes, current Master Blender Jim Beveridge hand-selected three single malt whiskies – all with a sense of pedigree and provenance – to provide an expansive, multi-layered experience. These malts have been carefully blended and married in European oak casks to combine the flavours, and offer an exceptional smoothness. The dark-golden tones of John Walker & Sons Odyssey are deep, intense and sophisticated. The nose is rich and captivating, with hints of honey, berry fruits and caramel. The palate is full-bodied and inviting – from the freshness of citrus fruits to the richness of berries, from the smoothness of honey to the creaminess of caramel. Finally, the finish is mellow, lingering and smoky. Best served neat or with a dash of pure water, John Walker & Sons Odyssey is a true celebration of life’s great journeys.

Sensuous and visually stimulating, the exquisite decanter is crafted from the finest polished metals and natural timber. Perfectly captures the motion of the sea, when gently pushed, the bottle is free to swing elegantly to and fro. As the case is turned, the bottle rotates fluidly through 360 degrees. When at rest, it will always point up, paying homage to the steadfast and progressive direction shown by Sir Alexander himself.



John Walker & Sons Voyager

Johnnie Walker Voyager, Odyssey.

John Walker & Sons Voyager- under sail on Subic Bay, Philippines.


During 2012-13,  John Walker & Sons Voyager has undertaken a modern day reproduction of an epic journey, which evokes the nautical and game-changing heritage of John Walker & Sons. Setting sail from Shanghai in September 2012, the luxury yacht will journey through Asia Pacific, docking at nine key ports of call and capturing the essence of a true odyssey. Traveling from China to Taiwan, and then Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and India, the yacht will retrace the original trade routes pioneered in the early 20th Century when the Walker family whiskies left the corner store in Scotland and journeyed across the world.

At each port, Voyager has been the setting for a series of iconic events through which the most progressive individuals in Asia Pacific were invited aboard to experience the pinnacle in luxury craftsmanship and celebrate the launch of Odyssey. As the yacht journeys through Asia Pacific, leading authors, photographers and illustrators from around the region will capture the progress of each port-of-call from the Golden Era till present day, recreating one of the first luxury travel guides ever written – “Around the World”. Originally commissioned in the 1920s, “Around the World” was written with the help of local John Walker & Sons distributors who contributed a chapter on their country including local foods, accommodation and key sights


Johnnie Walker Voyager, Odyssey.

The Odyssey Deck on John Walker & Sons Voyager 


Johnnie Walker Voyager, Odyssey.

Sailing  on Subic Bay, Philippines.


Johnnie Walker Voyager, Odyssey.

The luxuriously appointed “Around the World Room” on John Walker & Sons Voyager.


Johnnie Walker Voyager, Odyssey.

The elegant Dining Room on-board John Walker & Sons Voyager.


Johnnie Walker Voyager, Odyssey.

The “Game Changers Room” features historical photographs and display materials.


Johnnie Walker Voyager, Odyssey.

Photographs of three generations of the John Walker family


Voyager map

The map of Voyager’s journey and ports of call.



Odyssey and Johnnie Walker Blue Label


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