Top cocktail delivery and takeaway services currently available in Singapore

April 3rd, 2020


As we all adapt to living within the new “normal” of social distancing and lockdowns, some of our favorite pastimes – like enjoying a Happy Hour cocktail or two with our friends – are no longer possible. As bars and restaurants have been closed down indefinitely across major cities in Asia, Europe, and the USA – enterprising bar owners are finding new ways to help us enjoy our favorite cocktails in our homes.

In Singapore, leading cocktail bars have moved quickly to introduce home delivery and takeaway services of bottled cocktails.

We have compiled a selection of bars that are bottling their top-notch cocktails for home delivery.

Now you can continue to enjoy your cocktails and share Zoom happy hours with your friends.

Update April 12th – additional home delivery services


Brass Lion Distillery

bottled cocktails

Brass Lion Distillery has launched an initiative to support the Singapore F&B industry – working together with local bars to bottle cocktails crafted by the bars themselves. As a licensed manufacturing and bottling facility, participating bars send their stocks and recipes for Brass Lion Distillery to blend and bottle.

  • Lavender Negroni by Bee’s Island Drinkery – a delectable drink with a slight hint of lavender.
  • Bergamot & Gimlet (Lion Edition) by Smoke & Mirrors – a take on a Gimlet with local and Mediterranean inspirations. Aromatize with lemon peel and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.
  • Merlion Spritz by IB HQ – an exquisite, bold and complex drink, best consumed with Prosecco. For curious imbibers who like to experiment, try it with Soda or good quality Tonic or Ginger Ale. And for those who like it stronger, pour 50ml over ice in a whisky glass, garnish with a slice of orange and stir 5 times

All profits are passed on to the participating bars.


The Other Room

Bottled cocktails

The Other Room have launched their home delivery service for The Other Room Cask-Finished Spirits & Cocktails.

Popular Vintage and Timeline classic cocktails include:

  • 1970’s Rob Roy
  • 1970’s Aviation
  • 1970’s Old Fashioned
  • New Improved Whisky Sour
  • Reversed Gin & Tonic

To receive the Home Delivery menu and place orders reach out on +65 8300 6085 or WhatsApp

Delivery every day between 4 pm and 12 am – with free delivery for all orders above $100


The Old Man Singapore

bottled cocktails

The Old Man Singapore bar team have prepped takeaway bottled cocktails  – with garnishes included – for you to enjoy from the comforts of your own home.

Cocktails from the takeaway menu include:
• A Farewell to Arms
• The Sun also Rises
• Papa Doble
• Little Wax Puppy
• Negroni
• Clear Old Fashioned
• Classic Old Fashioned

Call +65 6909 5505 or at this link to place your orders.

A flat delivery charge of $15/order – paid directly to the driver.


Jigger & Pony 

jigger & pony cocktails

Jigger & Pony have packaged their favourite cocktails for enjoyment in the comfort of your own home.
Each package serves 2 drinks – and includes garnishes.

Available cocktails include:

  • Old Fashioned
  • Jungle Bird
  • Sakura Martini
  • Negroni
  • Madame President

Place your orders on the website – or FB Message for information



whisky store

Restaurant-bar Copper – known for their whisky selection, are offering 135 different mini ‘tasting bottles’ of whisky and other spirits from the Cadenhead range both online and through the bar ( All orders over $300 have free delivery or they can be picked up at Copper. Selected 60ml bottlings include the following –

  • Cadenhead Macduff 10 YO 2006 Bourbon Hogsheads 46% – $18.83
  • Cadenhead Bowmore 12 YO 2002 Bourbon Hogshead 57.1% 60ml – $24.89
  • Cadenhead Linkwood-Glenlivet 28 YO 1987 Butts 58.4% –  $37.66

Also on offer are some tasting sets which come with tasting mats for stay-at-home tastings with family or friends. These include:

  • Around the World (4 x 60ml) – $98.87
  • Rum Triangle (3 x 60ml) – $90.63

Employees Only

employees only

Employees Only offer an array of classic cocktails for takeaway or delivery, including the following:

  • Negroni – Gin, Campari, EO exclusive Rosso Vermouth
  • Old Fashioned – Bourbon, Demerara, Orange & Angostura Bitters
  • Cold Brew Martini – Vodka, Cold Brew Coffee, Coffee Liqueur
  • Manhattan – Rye, EO exclusive Vermouth, Grand Marnier, Angostura
  • Martini – Selection of Gin or Vodka / Dry, Wet or Dirty / Olive or Lemon Twist



old fashioned

Award-winning cocktail bar Manhattan has begun offering a selection of bottled cocktails for takeaway, available for purchase and pickup at Dolcetto, Level 1 of Regent Singapore. Cocktails included are as follows:

  • Manhattan (350ml at S$118 NETT)
  • Chocolate Negroni (350ml at S$118 NETT)
  • Barrel Aged El Presidente (100ml at S$24 NETT / 5 x 100 ml at S$100 NETT)
  • Solera Aged Negroni (100ml at S$24 NETT / 5 x 100 ml at S$100 NETT)

A specially launched Manhattan X Marker’s Mark custom-finished Private Select Whisky is also available for S$288+.



Native Singapore

Top cocktails from the menu at Native will be bottled and available for takeaway or delivery. Each drink serves about 6-8 portions over ice. Delivery is available Island-wide.

Cocktails include:

  • Hibiscus – Hawthorne Distillate, Hibiscus Jun, Kithul (S$68 NETT)
  • Forager’s Garden – Matcha Gin, Blue Pea Flowers, Calamansi, Matcha Kombucha  (S$68 NETT)
  • Peranakan – Jackfruit Rum, Laksa Leaves, Goat’s Milk, Candlenut, Gula Meleka. Limited Time only! Delivered with Kueh Salat from Michelin Starred restaurant Candlenut. (S$88 NETT)
  • Pineapple Arrack – Ceylon Arrack, Old Coconuts, Pineapple Skins, Sri Lankan Spices  (S$88 NETT)

To order, send a message to Native at; Whatsapp or call : +65 8869 6520


Operation Dagger

operation dagger singapore

The Ann Siang Hill cocktail destination will be offering three specialty cocktails for takeaway:

  • É Khô Qua (originally at $20 now at $15) | 100ml serve (1 drink) – comprised of bitter melon, cane, rum clarified with coconut milk and citrus
  • Bee Pollen (originally at $120 now at $90) | 300ml (6 drinks) – comprised of bee pollen, bitters, whisky
  • Choc Pinot (originally at $90 now at $60) | 750ml (6 drinks) – comprised of cacao, vanilla, pinot noir

The three drinks are available for pickup from 3 pm.


Rabbit Carrot Gun

rabbit carrot gun

The casual neighborhood restaurant has rolled out a selection of pre-packaged craft cocktails available on Deliveroo, Grab or for takeaway from the restaurant. Available cocktails (S$18 each) include:

  • 30 Day Barrel Aged Negroni
  • Bloody Mary with Wasabi Infused Spirit
  • Bloody Shame – all the love, alcohol-free
  • Daiquiri
  • Espresso Martini (all you’ll need is a shaker and ice)
  • Rumpresso Martini (all you’ll need is a shaker and ice)
  • Mango & Pepper Gin with Fever Tree Indian Tonic
  • Old Fashioned with Chocolate Pocky


Revamp Kitchen & Bar

revamp singapore

Access bar-quality cocktails whenever you want with Drinkeasy! Crafted by Boo Jing Heng (Diageo World Class 2016 Singapore Winner), DrinkEasy bridges the gap of world-class concoctions to consumers. Customize your own DrinkEasy by adding your favourite garnishes. Whether it’s a party, an event or a gathering, Drinkeasy is the way to go.

Cocktails are available for purchase at Revamp, via email ( or social media (Instagram:; Facebook page:

NO.1  Gin, Vermouth, Campari, Cointreau, Citric Acid, Sugar, Distilled Water (150 ml S$12 retail/ S$16 at Revamp)

NO.2  Whisky, Vermouth, Campari, Cointreau, Citric Acid, Sugar, Distilled Water (150 ml S$12 retail / S$16 at Revamp)

Free delivery is available with a minimum order of 10 bottles, otherwise delivery is $18 / or cocktails are available for pickup at Revamp.


Shin Gi Tai

shin Gai tai

In the spirit of social distancing, Shin Gi Tai is offering a selection of handcrafted bottled cocktails carefully curated by their team of bartenders. In addition to the list on offer, Shin Gi Tai’s bartenders are also available to create bespoke cocktails upon request. As a general guide, each cocktail at Shin Gi Tai contains about 50-75ml. The 300ml bottle is equivalent to approximately 4 cocktails and the 500ml bottle is equivalent to approximately 7 cocktails.

Stirred or shaken, the range of cocktails includes classics such as Negronis, Manhattans and Sidecars or Premium cocktails – all available with clear block ice for $1 additional.


Tippling Club

tippling club

Tippling Club’s full list of cocktails from its current menu, A Guide to Modern Drinkingalong with select food items are now available for takeaway and delivery.  For customers within 3km who opt to have their food or cocktails delivered, Head Bartender Andy Loudon will personally cycle them over, shaking up any drinks made with perishables (available in sets of 2).

Food available for takeaway includes soups (S$20 – $28), sandwiches (S$15 – S30) and sweets (S$20 – S$25). Non-perishable cocktails are available in sets of two, 500ml portions or 700ml portions.


EC Proof

And for the home bartendersEC Proof have a Warehouse Sale with special deals on their expansive portfolio of craft spirit brands, bartender tools, books and more.


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