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Sydney Cocktail Bars

Great cocktails in Sydney – 6 of the best bars in town

Discerning cocktail aficionados are spoilt for choice in Sydney with the plethora of bar openings in recent years heralding an increased creativity and sophistication in the local bar scene. Headed by accomplished local bartenders, Sydney’s bars are attracting international accolades and awards, firmly placing the city among the leading global centres for cocktail innovation.

Sydney’s multi-faceted cocktail scene caters to a wide spectrum of clientele – bars range from the sleek & sophisticated to the hard-to-find underground speakeasy-style bars, and to the inner city “small bar” scene proliferating around the fringes of the CBD.

  • eau de vie sydney
    Eau de Vie – celebrated cocktail bar – Sydney
  • baxter inn sydney
    Baxter Inn - underground whisky-centric bar – Sydney
  • roosevelt bar & grill sydney
    The Roosevelt Bar & Diner – cocktail bar & restaurant – Sydney
  • gowings bar & grill sydney
    Gowings Bar & Grill – brasserie & cocktail bar in Sydney
  • barber shop sydney
    The Barber Shop – cocktail bar & barbershop – Sydney
  • blu bar sydney
    Blu Bar on 36 – cocktail bar at Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

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Top Restaurant & Bar openings 2014

8 Celebrated Restaurant & Bar openings Hong Kong

In one of Asia’s most competitive cities for restaurants and bars, the challenge to succeed in standing out among the multitude of new openings demands well-honed and defined concepts, and great execution by experienced teams. We have selected 8 new Hong Kong restaurants and bars that exemplify these qualities, and in the course of the year have garnered considerable acclaim.

  • aberdeen street social
    Aberdeen Street Social- restaurant and cocktail bar & all-day cafe in Hong Kong
  • mott 32
    Mott 32- Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong
  • the envoy
    The Envoy- cocktail bar & restaurant- Hong Kong
  • mama san hong kong
    Mama San- kitchen & bar- newly opened in Hong Kong
  • ho lee fook
    Ho Lee Fook- modern Chinese restaurant – Hong Kong
  • Ping Pong 129-
    Ping Pong 129 Gintoneria- Spanish Gin & Tonic bar in Hong Kong
  • Stockton- Hong Kong
    Stockton- bar & restaurant- Hong Kong
  • Francesco by Franck Muller
    Francesco by Franck Muller- contemporary fine dining in Hong Kong

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